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The University of Management and Technology (UMT) continues to evolve and capture new realities in an incessant attempt to help individuals and organizations discover their God-given potentials to achieve Ultimate Success actualizing the highest standards of efficiency, effectiveness, excellence, equity, trusteeship and sustainable development of global human society. This outstanding track record has been achieved on account of UMT's visionary approach in terms of launching innovative and market driven degree programs since its inception in 1990. When the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan embarked on an ambitious program to reshape the future of higher education in the country at the turn of the millennium, UMT aligned its goals towards helping the nation to make a transition towards knowledge based economy by producing graduates who turned out to be leaders and entrepreneurs in diverse fields. To date, over 15,000 UMT alumni are serving nationally and globally in leading organizations.
UMT is a project of Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Trust. ILM was established in 1990 by leading educationists, professionals and industrialists with an aim to enhance the organizational and individual effectiveness. UMT – now an independent, not-for-profit, private institution of higher learning – received her degree-granting charter first as the Institute of Management and Technology (IMT) in 2002 through an Act of the Assembly of the Punjab. Later, on 16 June 2004, IMT became University of Management and Technology through the passing of a similar Act by the Punjab Assembly.
In 2015, the University of Management and Technology (UMT) celebrated 25 years of 'Emergence with Eminence' in recognition of its contribution to the promotion of higher education in Pakistan. As a premier institution of higher learning in the country, UMT is recognized by the HEC of Pakistan as a 'W4 Category' (highest rank) university. For more than two years, UMT was also at the top as per HEC ranking in General Category (medium-sized) of private sector institutions in the Punjab. At present, 150+ accredited programs are being offered in the 13 Schools and 5 Institutes operating in the University. UMT is also the first private sector university to establish HEC approved sub-campus in Sialkot.
Over the years, UMT has become renowned for its highly rated faculty members who are graduates from top universities of the world with vast experience of the corporate and business sector. With 450+ faculty members including 120+ PhDs and 20:1 student faculty ratio, UMT can rightly lay claim to being one of the few universities in the region that has the most highly qualified and experienced faculty members. Special emphasis is given on continuous professional development through faculty development and exchange programs. Even now, UMT faculty members are being trained in George Mason University, USA, as a result of a special agreement. Thus, our students are privileged to learn from the best and our graduates are hired by leading national and international organizations for strategic positions.
UMT is striving round the clock to provide the best educational experience to its students by weaving research and practical knowledge together, and aims to give them an edge over other public and private sector universities. That is why UMT has joined hands with over 40 leading international universities, established student and faculty exchange programs, and launched other collaborative measures to enhance the learning experience of the students. UMT is committed to the promotion of research culture and actively helps faculty members and students to undertake research ventures in diverse fields.
UMT is home to 10,000+ students from 100 districts of Pakistan. UMT students are drawn from all the provinces of Pakistan including the remote areas. The UMT Campus truly reflects the diversity within Pakistan as students from Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan, FATA, Interior Sind, etc. interact with students from other cosmopolitan areas, thus promoting a spirit of national integration and harmony. UMT's talented and diverse student body has the intellectual capability and social skills to contribute to the development and progress of Pakistan. UMT has a strong international outlook, welcoming students from 18 countries across the globe; the campus is the hub of a thriving multicultural community, engaged in learning in a safe and self-contained campus in the center of Lahore. So studying at UMT means that students are exposed to a myriad mix of beliefs, values and cultural ethos which gives them international exposure and instills respect for diversity.​
The University has state-of-the-art science, engineering and textile laboratories. The Information Processing Center (IPC) at UMT facilitates students through the use of highly advanced IT equipment. The well-stocked Library and Learning Resource Center (L&LRC) has over 115,000 books, 300,000 digital resources, plus 85 foreign and local journals to facilitate learning and research.
UMT acknowledges talented and hardworking students, and rewards them generously. Over 1 billion rupees worth of scholarships have been provided to students so far. This journey of excellence is on to keep our tradition of leading and learning.​


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