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​​​​​​​​​​Project Updates

“The "HRDI-UESTP Scholarship Project Phase-I" is Closed for the Award of New Scholarships”
Project Introducation:-
​​​The project was approved by ECNEC in September, 2007. The main objective of this project is to produce 1500 PhD level Engineers, Scientists and Technologists who will eventually become the potential faculty members of the Universities of Engineering, Science and Technology.
These institutes are being built in collaboration with technologically advanced universities of France, Italy, Germany, China, South Korea and Austria. Later, the scope of this faculty was extended to the existing Engineering Universities in the country.
The project continues to award MS leading to PhD & PhD scholarships at top-ranked universities of USA, UK, Canada, Austria, China, France, Germany, Belgium, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Australia, Italy etc (As per updated list). Most of the universities and countries are offering reduced tuition fee rates to the HEC.
The Scholarship Policy is developed through collective wisdom and is based on four principles i.e., Equal Opportunity, Transparency, Merit and Govt. of Pakistan Provincial Quota Policy.
Equal Opportunity is Ensured Through:
  • No specified quota for male & female students. Everyone is open to apply.
  • Detailed information and complete application process guide on the web.
Transparency is Ensured Through:
  • Open advertisement in English, Urdu and local newspapers.
  • Selection process is displayed on the web.
  • ​All interim and final results are displayed on web.
  • The final selection is made by the prospect universities/partner agencies along with foreign faculty, which ensures zero tolerance for nepotism and favouritism.
Merit is Ensured Through:
  • Rigorous GRE-based test coupled with HEC academic formula.
  • Allocation of seats according to Govt of Pakistan Quota Policy.
The main objective of this project is to produce 1500 PhD level ​Engineers, Scientists and Technologists who will essentially be the potential faculty members and academic resource persons for the Universities of Engineering Sciences and Technology in Pakistan. 
To create a critical mass of highly qualified Engineers, Technologists, and Scientists Manpower in high-tech fields. High-level Science and Technology manpower in Pakistan is indispensable for building S&T capability, modernising and streamlining our industry, transport and communications, energy, health, agriculture and social setup.
Hence availability of highly trained scientists and technologists is a pre-requisite for the absorption of present state-of-the-art technologies, as well as for development of new technologies, products and process required for boosting our agricultural and industrial production.​