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Benefits Scheme

  1. Intangible Benefits: The scheme will create an awareness in the youth that government's intent is to support each segment of the society and it will also support in increased access to Higher Education as well.
  2. Social benefits with indicators: Pakistan is the 6th most populous nation comprising a large number of young people. The scheme would provide respectability and on campus ease of movement to the beneficiary students in the universities by providing an equal opportunity and access to education. Students coming from mediocre backgrounds would be benefitted through this scheme since due to the high price of motorized wheel chair, it is quite difficult for a family to purchase an electric wheelchair.
  3. Employment Generation (direct and indirect): The students who would be provided with the wheelchairs would be facilitated to achieve their education and hence would be playing an important role in the socio economic development of the country afterwards. Though the employment would mostly be dependent upon their academic competencies and compatibility to the job requirements, yet an assistance in terms of mobility would be facilitated through the wheelchairs.​