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Current Updates
  • IPFP Pre-Assessment test for IPFP Batch-V is scheduled tentatively on Sunday February 25, 2024.
  • All applications are currently under scrutiny, and applicants are encouraged to proceed with further steps under the​ IPFP initiative if they so desire. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that applications found deficient in meeting the eligibility criteria, as per the advertisement, may be subject to cancellation at any stage of the process.

​IPFP Phase-II Batch V has been announced.

DEADLINE EXTENDED for submission of applications for IPFP: Last date: January 31st, 2024

​Advertisement has been floated in the national dailies on Wednesday Decemaber 27, 2023. IPFP Application Portal is open now. Please visit the link to apply:


NFDP for IPFP Batch-IV Training Updates

NFDP training is being offered in cohorts comprising 25​-30 participants based on the score of preassessment test in order of the merit coupled with convenience of NAHE. So far, 9 cohorts have been trained and 10th ​is ongoing ​whereas the next are in pipline​. 

Accordingly, Successful applicants of IPFP Phase-II Batch IV​ are requested to wait for their turn for NFDP training. NAHE team will approach you as per your merit provided you meet all the prerequisites and nothing is deficient on your part.​​​


As per policy, out of the top 350/359 applicants who receive email ​from this office regarding any deficiency, are st​r​​​ictly advised to ensure completion of the said ​deficiency till April 17, 2023 positively failing which their candidature sh​all stand​ cancelled without any further notice and no such case shall be entertained for further steps in any manner whatsoever​.​

IPFP Pre-assessment test has been announced at the ETC portal The applicants who appeared in the test may check their result using ETC portal login credentials. In case of any issue, please email to with copy to and mention your Roll Number, CNIC No. & name for reference. 

As per clause 11(e) & 12 of the IPFP Phase-II policy, only top 350 successful applicants will be given training opportunity from top to bottom in order of the merit as per convenience of NAHE-HEC.


IPFP pre-assessment test result is expetced to be announced till March 13, 2023​.


Roll number slips for I​PFP pre-assessment test scheduled on February 19, 2023 have been issued to all enrolled IPFP applicants by the ETC which includes all necessary information about the test time, date and venue.

In case of any inconvenience regarding roll number slip, please email immediately at with copy to and mention your IPFP Application ID, CNIC No. & name for reference.

Please follow the instructions contained in the roll number slip in letter & spirit in your own interest to avoid any undesirable situation. However, it is clarified that the IPFP fee deposit slip is not required at the test Centre.​


  • Based upon initial Scrutiny of the applications​, all those who submitted online application under IPFP Phase-II Batch-IV are hereby allowed to take the IPFP Pre-Assessment Test scheduled on Sunday February 19, 2023 provisionally

    However, in case of any discrepancy including lack of documentary evid​ence or concealment of facts, NAHE-HEC reserves the right to cancel your candidature and reject your application at any later stage.

  • ent: All those applicants who didn't submitted earlier hard copy of HEC attested PhD degree or equivalence certificate etc. are required to submit their Missing documents (along with a print of IPFP application form for reference)​ on or before Friday February 3, 2023 positively.​

  • After expiry of the deadline, online application portal has been closed w.e.f January 17, 2023. 

  • NOTE: Hrad copy of the online submitted applications, complete in all aspects (properly flaged and bounded) must reach this office till Friday January 20, 2023 positively. Late, incomplete or applications without proper flaging and binding will not be entertained.

  • Advertisement has been floated in the national dailies on Friday Decemaber 16, 2022. IPFP Application Portal is open now. Please visit the link to apply:

  • Based upon initial scrutiny, IPFP Pre-Assessment test will be scheduled for the shortlisted candidates tentatively on Sunday February 19, 2023.
  • As per revised IPFP policy, all eligible applicants will have to undertake the mandatory pre-assessment prior to their merit-based selection for training under NFDP and subsequent placement. Please bear in mind NFDP is a pre-service professional training program based on international professional standard framework, and therefore, entry to the program is strictly merit-based.

  • Please keep visiting this page regularly. All related information will be updated on the webpage in advance for the convenience of the applicants including general public.

  • All applicants are suggested to utilize their time effectively for the preparations of the Pre-Assessment test. 

  • In an ongoing process of review, monitoring and evaluation of NFDP, it was decided that a pre-assessment test will be mandatory to ensure the quality and the merit for this program. These are testing times, and we are working hard to facilitate the applicants and keep them informed, yet it becomes difficult to respond to hundreds of emails on regular basis. For latest information about IPFP pre-assessment test, please keep visiting this page. All related information will be updated on the webpage in advance for the convenience of applicants, including general public.

  • ​If you are facing IT issues e.g. journal not showing up in database, PhD attestation record missing etc., please register your complain at instead of emailing. By registering the complain here, it will be resolved as soon as possible by the HEC IT team.​