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Eligibility Criteria
  1. The Principal Author (could be either first or the corresponding author) of the paper to be presented will be eligible to apply. Under extraordinary circumstances (such as non-issuance of visa to the Principal Author), the Principal Author may grant NOC to the Co-Author to present paper with justification allowing him/her to apply for HEC Travel Grant.
  2. The Paper Author must be a Faculty Members (except visiting faculty) or MS/ MPhil or PhD Scholar of public sector HEIs and eligible private-sector universities[1]
  3. Each person can avail at most one travel grant per financial year.
  4. Non-faculty staff travel expenses should be borne by the university from their own resources
  5. Criteria for qualifying National/International conferences include Conferences/ workshops organized by national/ international Universities, Institutes or leading international professional bodies of relevant disciplines (such as IEEE, ACM, AAAS, AEA, etc.) whose papers are peer reviewed and archived