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Funds Utilization Policy
  1. The Faculty Members/ Scholars will apply to HEC for travel grant duly endorsed by the University Head and ORIC offices via HEC online portal or in the prescribed manner
  2. HEC will approve the Grant of the applicant on recommendation of Travel Grant Expert Committee.
  3. The funds will be reimbursed to the concerned University after the event upon filing duly complete reimbursement claim within the prescribed time limit.
  4. The University will be responsible for timely release of funds to the Applicant.
  5. The Applicant and the University will be responsible for proper utilization of the Grant after fulfillment of all codal formalities and accounting procedures in accordance with the Government rules/ regulations and HEC relevant policy.
  6. The Grant will be provided for the specified purpose as mentioned in the Award letter and cannot be utilized for any other purpose.
  7. Any expense made against budget heads/ item(s) not explicitly desired in the application form or not approved by HEC, will not be reimbursed.
  8. HEC funding support must be acknowledged in any news/ publications related to the presented paper in electronic or print media and name and/or logo of HEC will be used for the purpose.
  9. In case of postponement or cancellation of the event, HEC must be informed in writing.
  10. No reappropriation under the budget heads is allowed.

Funding Allocation to Universities:

  1. No more than 20 grants per University will be awarded in a financial year.
  2. Maximum approval of grants will not exceed the budget allocation for a financial year. The ED HEC, may allow approval of grants greater than budgetary allocation in a financial year, if required.