Policy for Students with Disabilities at Higher Education Institutions in Pakistan

Higher Education Commission (HEC) is committed to its founding objective that no one should be denied access to higher education in Pakistan, and this includes making possible equal opportunities of higher education for students with disabilities.

This Policy aims to enable an environment in the Higher Education Sector which not only motivates students with disabilities to undertake higher education, but also facilitates their participation in all academic and extra-curricular aspects of a university education.

The Policy recognizes that disability covers a wide range of impairments and different disabilities can have varying impacts on study, work and other aspects of life, warranting special considerations in the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) for persons with disabilities to successfully acquire higher education.

HEC's Focal Person for Disabled Students at HEC:

Ms. Dur-e-Shahwar Sadozai,
Director (USAID), HEC
Phone: 051-90808160



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