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General Guidelines

Investigators should clearly explain how the proposal, if funded, would facilitate research capacity building at the institutional level in Pakistan. Projects that would only enhance the capabilities of their individual participants, with no demonstrated broader impact, will be considered less competitive and thus less likely to receive funds. Applicants are reminded that priority is given to projects in which the main locus of activity is in Pakistan, not the United States, so budgets should be allocated accordingly.

Prospective applicants are encouraged to review the lists of projects funded in Phase 1 (2005), Phase 2 (2006), Phase 3 (2007), Phase 4 (2009), Phase 5 (2012), and Phase 6 (2015) to gain a better understanding of the types of activities supported under this program. Additional weight will be given to projects that demonstrate a clear strategy for uptake or adoption of research outputs, including via further investment by the public or private sectors. Proposal submissions by female principal investigators and projects involving female scientists and students (graduate and undergraduate) are strongly encouraged. 

Both the Pakistani and the United States governments have contributed funds to support projects under this program to enhance the ability of the science and technology community to positively contribute to human and economic development in Pakistan. In the six phases of the program carried out since 2005, a total of 96 projects have been funded.