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Knowledge Exchange Activities

​The UK's Higher Education Innovation Fund (HEIF) categorizes knowledge exchange activities into the following six major groups as per objectives:

  • Facilitating knowledge/research exploitation and process
  • Skills and human capital development
  • Knowledge sharing/diffusion
  • Supporting the ​community/public engagement/developing government
  • Enterprise education and entrepreneurship
  • Exploiting the university's physical assets

All Major Activities Activities of 2011

  • Briefing for Directors ORICS via Video conference held on 20th September 2011
  • Briefing session for HEC Senior Management held on 26th September 2011
  • Survey on Knowledge Exchange published on HEC main page
  • KE Training on Higher Education- Business and Community Interaction (HE-BCI) Survey held from 21st -25th November 2011.     
  • Briefing Session on Knowledge Exchange, for VCs of all Public Private Universities, held on Nov 25th 2011
  • British Council's Knowledge Exchange Dissemination and Networking Event held on 22nd Nov. For details visit
  • KE Steering Group Meeting held on December 13th 2011
  • KE Training for Capacity Building of SIU, Finance and R & D divisions of HEC by expert from Higher Education Statistical Agency UK held from January 16th to January 20th 2012
  • KE Steering Committee Meeting to review Draft KE National Strategic Plan held on 31st January 2012
  • Briefing sessions on HEBCI (Higher Education Business and Community Interaction) survey going on in all Regional Centers​