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Pakistan Qualification Register

​The Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) is the key component of the Pakistan Qualification Framework (PQF). It contains the details of the qualification and providers recognized/accredited by the Higher Education Commission. The qualifications not listed at the PQR are not recognized by Higher Education Commission.​

Pakistan Qualification Register (PQR) is a comp​rehensive list of all quality assured higher qualifications in Pakistan. The Pakistan Qualification Register is a list containing every Qualification and the providers/Higher Education Institutions recognized/accredited to deliver and issue those qualifications. The register encompasses only Quality Assured Qualifications and Higher Education Institutions recognized by Higher Education Commission Pakistan.​

Objectives of the Pakistan Quality Register

  • Ihelps to make available the Quality Assured and accredited/recognized qualifications/ programs to all the stakeholders
  • It helps in international recognition of the qualifications
  • It facilitates in trans-national mobility of the learners and the graduates
  • It helps in recognition of credit transfer process