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Eligibility and Application Process

​​​​Following are the prerequisites to apply for an IPFP Fellow for the AFHEA.

Successful completion of NFDP in their cohort in the first attempt.
More than six months of placement in one of the HEIs in Pakistan HEA Fellowship by May 17, 2021
Completion of the Expression of Interest (EoI) form available on the HEC website.
Interested IPFP Fellows will be invited to attend the virtual workshops and seminars to complete the process of the Fellowship.  
Process of Fellowship
IPFP Program Graduates who have filled in the expression of interest form (click here) by July 2, 2021 and fulfil the eligibility criteria will participate in a series of online lectures to be introduced to the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) and orientate them to the requirements of the Associate Fellowship (AFHEA).
Applicants will be asked to complete a structured AFHEA application form which will provide reflection on their teaching practice to-date aligned to the AFHEA descriptors.
Successful applicants will be awarded AFHEA status.
If applicants are unsuccessful, they will be able to resubmit once.
Fellowship Program Flow​