1.       I meet the eligibility criteria but I am not a faculty member, can I apply?


2.       I am a faculty member at Public/Private University not mentioned in the advertisement. Can I apply?

Yes, subject to fulfilment of eligibility criteria. In-service candidates are advised to obtain NOC from current employer.

3.       I am unable to select more than one/two university (ies) for the subject area of my choice. Why?

Either that subject area is not being offered for more universities or there may be some problem with the server. Please visit http://hec.gov.pk/site/fdpos for institution wise list of subject areas. In case the problem persist please email at fdpos@hec.gov.pk.

4.       I will finish my Bachelors/Masters/M.Phil immediately after 5th March 2019. Can I apply?


5.       I am currently enrolled in PhD at local university, can I apply?

Yes. However, you will have to start afresh in case you are selected for overseas scholarship.

6.       I am currently enrolled in PhD at a foreign University (included in top 300 QS world ranking); can I apply?

Yes. However, you will have to make sure that you physically go through the selection process. In case of absence, your application will not be processed further.

7.       I am full time regular/contract faculty member at public/private University, can I get age relaxation?


8.       Do I need prior registration as "Graduate/Professional Engineering Technologists" with National Technology Council, Pakistan in order to apply for MS scholarship?

No. However, it is advised to apply for registration as soon as it is open. The selection will be confirmed to registered candidates only. For details on registration process, please visit http://www.ntc-hec.org.pk/instructonlineapps.php.

9.       I am a faculty member at Public Sector University not mentioned in the advertisement. Will I have to leave current employment, if I am selected for the scholarship?

Yes. You will have to resign and will be appointed afresh by the sponsoring university without pay and allowances till completion of your studies.

10.   Do I need to get my degrees attested in order to apply for the scholarship?

No. However, award of scholarship will only be confirmed once the degrees are attested by HEC.

11.   How much is the funding?

It covers maintenance allowance and tuition fee as per approval of the relevant project. For some universities candidates will need to secure University scholarships as per agreement between HEC and foreign university. Nonetheless, the scholarship is sufficient only for the scholar and does not provide financial coverage for any dependants. For further information please visit http://www.hec.gov.pk/english/scholarshipsgrants/OSSPhase-III/Pages/HEC-Partner-Countries-and-Universities.aspx

12.   I am at advance stage of foreign PhD, will I receive funding for the past session, in case I get selected?

No. In case of selection, you will only receive funding for the remaining duration i.e from date of award of scholarship.

13.   I was awarded HEC scholarship in the past, but I could not complete studies. Am I eligible to apply?

Please obtain NOC from concerned scholarship project office of HEC.

14.   When is the best time to apply for scholarships?

Immediately after publication of advertisement in print media and HEC website. Only the submitted applications will be entertained and saved applications will not be considered.

15.   What is the application deadline?

5th March 2019, 12:00 midnight.

16.   Is there any application processing fee?

At the time of submitting application, Rs.500/- only has to be deposited in HEC, HBL Account Number 1742-79001334-01, in favor Director General Finance, HEC.

17.   Will the scholarship cover fee for international examinations such as GRE/GMAT, TOEFL/IELTS, if required?

No. The scholars will have to satisfy admission requirements of foreign universities themselves.

18.   Do I need to have prior admission in foreign University?

No. However, candidates are encouraged to search for suitable universities and supervisors beforehand.

19.   Whom to contact, in case of any query?​

Ms Sara Siraj Abbasi

Assistant Project Manager

Faculty Development Program (Overseas Scholarships)

Email: fdpos@hec.gov.pk

UAN: 051-111-119-432