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Guideline for New Zealand

HEC scholarship for New Zealand
Higher Education Commission has signed MoU's/ DoU's with 3 renowned universities of New Zealand for cooperation in Education and Research. MoU's signed with University of Auckland, Newzealand on November 28, 2006, Massey University, New Zealand on February 29, 2008 and with University of Waikato, New Zealand during March-2016. Scholarships are awarded in all fields of knowledge with condition that suitable PhD Supervisor is available.
Selection Criteria:
Candidates on merit are invited for interviews. A team of New Zealand Professors and supervisors visit Pakistan and conduct face to face interviews of only those candidates who have Acceptance Letter of Suitable Supervisor. Then HEC asks successful candidates to complete necessary documentation like, verification of degrees, legal bonds, study leave, admission etc.
Financial Details:
Description University of Auckland

Massey University

University of Waikato
Maintenance Allowance (Including Living Allowance, Accommodation, Health Insurance, visa renewal and other academic/personal expenses etc.NZ$ 1,733/monthNZ$ 1,750/monthUS$ 1,083/month
Tuition Fee (vary depending on subject)Directly paid to University  as per invoiceDirectly paid to University  as per invoiceDirectly paid to University  as per invoice
Enrolment Fee (includes Health and Travel Insurance)NZ$ 1,000  
Insurance  US$ 413/per scholar/year
Admin Fee2,262/yearNZ$ 500/once 
Research Allowance  Maximum NZ$ 9,000 during PhD only  ​​

How to Apply:
PhD Scholarships for New Zealand under the platform of HEC are being offered under various HEC Overseas Scholarships Schemes. Interested candidates are required to regularly visit HEC website  for the details of advertised overseas scholarships and apply for scholarship subject to meeting the advertised criteria.
Useful Links for HEC Overseas Scholarships: