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Guideline for Queen Mary University UK

​HEC has signed Document of Understanding (DoU) with Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) on January 20, 2016 for the award of PhD scholarships to Pakistani students wishing to enroll at QMUL.

Financial Details:
QMUL has offered 39 tuition free PhD Scholarships per year for next 5 years (i.e. total 195 scholarship) whereas HEC scholarship will cover maintenance allowance, return air fare and limited bench fee.
Subject Criteria:
The scholarships will be available for PhD study in the following academic schools at QMUL:
S. No QMUL School
1 School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
2 School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science
3 School of Engineering and Materials Science
4 School of Mathematical Sciences
5 School of Physics and Astronomy
6 School of Economics & Finance
7 School of Business and Management
8 School of Geography
9 School of Languages Linguistics and Film
10 School of Law (Law and/or Centre for Commercial Law Studies

How to Apply:

HEC PhD Scholarships in partnership with QMUL are being offered under various HEC Overseas Scholarships Schemes. Interested candidates are required to regularly visit HEC web site for the details of advertised overseas scholarships and apply for scholarship subject to meeting the advertised criteria. Interested candidates would be required to secure PhD admission from QMUL by meeting the university standards and requirements.
Useful Links for HEC Overseas Scholarships: