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Question:         What are the objectives of this scheme?

Answer:            The objective of this scholarship is to provide opportunity to Pakistan/AK students to undertake degree studies (Master or PhD) in selected subjects (Attached) in a reputed top 25 ranking universities (QS/Times Higher Education) in the world

Question:   What is the basic criteria to apply for scholarship without advertisement?

Answer:       Without advertisement, a candidate can't apply for the said   scholarship scheme.

Question:   What is the basic eligibility criteria to apply?

Answer:       Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Confirmed/Unconditional Admission / enrolment in any of the Top 25 Ranked University (QS/Times Higher Education) in selected subjects.
  2. Applicant should be a Pakistani/Azad Kashmir national
      1. For MS Scholarships: BS/BE/Masters or equivalent to 16 years of education in relevant field of studies
      2. For PhD Scholarships: MS/MPhil/ME or equivalent to 18 years of education in relevant field of studies.
  3. Applicants must have a minimum CGPA 3.0 out of 

    4.0 in semester system or first division (in the annual

    system) in BS/BE/Masters/equivalent for MS scholarships and MS/MPhil/ME/Equivalent degree for PhD Scholarships.
  4. Maximum one-second division throughout the academic career prior to the final degree.
  5. Maximum age on the time of advertisement:
      1. 40 years for  full-time  regular  Faculty  Members  of  Public  Sector Universities/Colleges or employees of the Public Sector organization.
      2. 35 years for all others
  6. Must not be availing any other scholarship. (in case, applicant to any of the HEC Scholarship Scheme, need to submit the NOC from that scholarship project).
  7. Employees of any Public Sector University/organization needs to submit an NOC to apply for the scholarship from his/her organization.

Question:         What Documents are required to apply for MS and PhD Scholarship in 75 Top Talent 75 National Top Talent Scholarship Program to Pakistani Students World's Top 25 Ranked Universities

 Answer:            The following information and supporting documents (which should also be uploaded directly to the portal (

Documents Required:

  1. Confirmed Admission Letter
  2. All Academic documents Matric to MS /MPhil for PhD Scholarship
  3. All Academic documents Matric to Masters for MS (16 y) for MS Scholarship
  4. CNIC
  5. Domicile
  6. Deposit slip
  7. Equivalence (where required)

Question:         What is the fee for 75 Top Talent 75 National Top Talent Scholarship Program to Pakistani Students World's Top 25 Ranked Universities.

Answer:            After the submission and scrutiny process, Original Online deposit slip or ATM Transfer Slip of Rs. 700/- (non-refundable) as application processing fee in favor of Director General Finance, HEC must be uploaded on HEC portal.
Fee can be deposited in Account# 1742-79001334-01, Habib bank limited (HBL), Shalimar recording company branch, Islamabad, Pakistan, through any bank

     Is fee refundable?

 Answer:            No, Fee is non-refundable in any circumstances.

Question:        In which university applicant can apply?

 Answer:            Candidates have to secure admissions in WORLD'S TOP 25 RANKED UNIVERSITIES. Scholars can apply in a university that is among the top 25 Universities in the QS World Ranking and Times Higher Education (THE).

      Can a 3rd division in academic career apply for the scholarship?

Answer:             No, Applicant cannot have 3rd division throughout academic carrier but could have maximum of 2 x second division in the whole carrier except last degree. Meanwhile, last degree must be First division.

Question:         If applicant is awaiting their results, can they apply for the scholarship?

Answer:             No,  those can apply who have completed their 16 years of education (BS/BE/MS/ME/ Master) before the submission and application closing date.

       Is IELTS/TOEFL/GRE necessary for applying in 75 National Top Talent Scholarship Program to Pakistani Students World's Top 25 Ranked Universities

Answer:             No, it is not the requirement of scholarship However, candidate has to meet the admission criteria of university.

      How many universities may I apply for this scholarship

Answer:             Scholars can apply in a university that is among the top 25 universities in the QS World Ranking-2023) and Times Higher Education (THE-2022), The applicant should keep in mind that It is their sole responsibility to secure their admission.

      Can a student apply for a scholarship before being accepted for admission into a university?

 Answer:            No, you must have a valid confirmed admission letter during the submission of the application form. Without admission letter you are not eligible to apply.

Question:         Can a student change country or university during the studies?

 Answer:            No, you cannot change your country or university during studies.

Question:         Can a student submitted an online application, change country or university?

Answer:             No changes are allowed after application submission. Any request for change of country / university program made by applicant shall not be entertained in any case. (HEC will not consider any request for the changes in the submitted application).

Question:         Can a student change their subject / discipline during the study program?

 Answer:            No, once applicant is nominated by HEC or finally selected by Host University, any request for change of subject / discipline / study program made by applicant shall not be entertained in any case (HEC will not issue any NOC for change of discipline).

Question:         What is the maximum duration of the scholarship?

Answer:             The duration of the Scholarship Program is for maximum two (02) years for MS and Four (04) Years for Ph.D.

Question:         Is announced scholarship fully funded?

Answer:             Yes, this scholarship scheme is fully funded by Higher Education Commission, Govt of Pakistan.

Question:         Can a student avail more than one scholarships at a time?

Answer:             No, you can only avail one scholarship at one time.

Question:         If studies extended beyond specified time period, will HEC pay stipend etc beyond the time bars?

 Answer:            No, HEC won't pay any stipend if your studies are extended beyond the specified time.

Question:         Can a student defer scholarship?

Answer:             No, you cannot defer your scholarship. Only admission can be defer. Scholarship amount to be refunded as per agreement if scholarship is deferred.

Question:         What is the Stipend rate for various countries?

Answer:             It varies from university to university and country to country.

Question:         What is the maximum bond period?

Answer:             Successful candidates have to sign an Bond/Agreement with HEC to serve for a period of 3 years for MS and 5 years of PhD in Pakistan after completion of their studies.

Question:         Can students who don't have passport, medical & police certificates apply?

Answer:             No. You must provide passport, medical & police certificate after provisional selection. Whereas if securing admission takes time i.e. more than 06 months the candidate must submit up-to-date Medical, Police certificate, also the passport must be valid.

Question:         Does this scholarship cover tuition fee?

Answer:             Yes, with certain limitation which varies from university to university & country to country.

Question:         What is the monthly Stipend for Master's and PhD Scholarship?

 Answer:            It varies from Master's and PhD degree programs, university to university and country to country.

Question:         Will the living cost of applicant be fully covered?

Answer:             Lumpsum bases, It varies university to university, from Master's to Ph.D. degree programs & country to country.

Question:         Can applicant withdraw from the scholarship after final award?

Answer:             No, if the applicant withdraws from the scholarship after the final award, shall be liable to disciplinary action including ban of a certain period from applying to any foreign funded / HEC/Government of Pakistan scholarship program and HAS TO REFUND twice of the expenditure incurred with twice penalty.

Question:         Do applicant need to submit hard copy of the required documents at initial stage?

 Answer:            No, hard copies of applications and other documents are not required at the initial stage. However, applicant is required to keep record of all the submitted documents along with printed copy applications form.

Question:         Is NOC required to avail the Scholarship?

Answer:             In case of public sector employee, need to submit NOC & study leave.

Question:         What is format of NOC? Or How can applicant avail NOC?

Answer:             No specific format as it depends on type of NOC i.e. Scholarship, Govt. Employee hence, the applicant must ask the concern department.

Question:         Is there any Important Information related to scholarship?

 Answer:            All scholarship will be awarded on first come first serve
1) Applications will be processed on the basis of online data / information provided by the applicants. In case any information is found to be untrue/ incorrect/ misrepresented at any stage; the application will be rejected, and the award process will be terminated in any stage.

2)       All awardee of the project will be required to return to Pakistan IMMEDIATELY AFTER Completion of their studies to serve as per bond signed with HEC

3)       No request for Waiver for the purpose of service bond will be entertained in any case.

4)       Obtaining visa of relevant country will be responsibility of 


5) Admission requirement must be met by applicant

6)       The scholarship offer will expire if the selected candidate cannot 

meet the scholarship requirements within stipulated time year.

Question:         In case of any issue whom should applicant contact?

Answer:             For any issue applicant may visit and lock complaint ticket .Here applicant can attach supporting document/snap shot
Call HEC Call Centre: 051-111-119-432