Financial Support

The maximum scholarship amount per scholar for total duration of Scholarship (Including Tuition Fee, Maintenance, Traveling and Book Allowance)

S.No.ItemsUnit Cost (Rs. Million)
1Indigenous Scholarships:
iIndigenous LLB (5Years)2.090
iiIndigenous  LLM1.028
2Foreign Scholarships:
iForeign LLM Scholarships6.679
iiForeign Ph.D. in Law10.133


The maximum amount of HEC funding against Tuition Fees?

Actual tuition fee will be paid direct to the universities where the students will be enrolled.


S.No.ItemsUnit Cost (Tuition fee)
1Indigenous Scholarships:            
iIndigenous LLB (5Years) Rs. 1,80,000 p.a
iiIndigenous  LLMRs. 1,80,000 p.a
2Foreign Scholarships:                       
iForeign LLM Scholarships$ 15000 p.a
iiForeign Ph.D. in Law$ 15000 p.a​