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1. What is the eligibility criteria for the Commonwealth Scholarship?

Please visit the Introduction/Eligibility criteria section on HEC Commonwealth Scholarship webpage.

2. How to apply online at HEC & CSC (Commonwealth Portal)?    

There are two mandatory steps to apply:

Step - 1 (Commonwealth Online Application)

Apply online to Commonwealth (CW) Scholarship for Master's and Doctoral studies (PhD) through their application system at:

a) For Masters

b) For PhD

Step - 2 (HEC Online application)

Apply online at HEC website:  After registering and filling your profile, please select "Learning Opportunities Abroad".

3. What is the last date/deadline to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship on CW portal?

For CW Portal: October 17, 2023 (16:00 GMT) 

4. What is the last date/deadline to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship on HEC portal?

For HEC Portal: October 17, 2023 (04.00 PM Pakistan Standard Time)

Note: It is the sole responsibility of applicants to ensure that they apply before the deadline.

5. Is there any fee to apply for the Commonwealth Scholarship?      

No, there isn't any application fee for the Commonwealth Scholarship. However, the applicant may be required to pay for HEC ETC-HAT test.

6. Is there any important information related to scholarship?   

1.     HEC endorses equal opportunity; females are encouraged to apply. Gender balance shall be followed in nominations as per Commonwealth requirement.

2.     Please note that HEC has only facilitation role in nomination process, as final selection will be made by the donor country. Further, HEC will have no financial liability regarding this scholarship.

3.     In case of submitting false information at any stage, HEC reserves the right to cancel and ban applicants for all future scholarships.

4.     It is the sole responsibility of applicants to ensure that they apply before the deadline.

5.     HEC online portal shall close as per the deadline, thereafter, no candidate would be able to apply. Also, incomplete applications (not submitted) will NOT be entertained.

6.     Applicants are advised to complete and submit their applications as soon as possible, as the online application system will be very busy in the days leading up to the application deadline.

7. What is the test date for Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT)?                                                              

For related information, visit official website of ETC or lock your query at for ETC test related queries.

The tentative HEC ETC-HAT test date is last week of October.

​8. Is it mandatory to provide Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) score?                                                    

Yes, without HEC ETC-HAT test score, application shall not be considered.

9. What is the minimum qualifying marks required for Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT)?                   

Applicants are required to obtain a minimum of 60% marks in Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) for consideration towards nomination.

10. If applicant mistakenly submit false information at any stage (if qualified), will they be eligible for the scholarship?     

Applicants are required to submit their information carefully. In case of submitting false information at any stage, HEC reserves the right to cancel and disqualify applicants for all future scholarships.

If an applicant is working on his/her application, then it is advised that they save the application before submission. The application form once submitted is not editable.

11. Is IELTS required for applying for Commonwealth scholarship?                                    

HEC doesn't require IELTS score. However, the applicant may need to fulfil his/her intended university requirement. It is the responsibility of applicant to check the requirements directly with the university.

12. What is the age limit for Masters/PhD?

There is no age limit. Anyone can apply if they fulfill the criteria set forth by HEC and CW.

13. Can an Afghan national apply for this scholarship?

No, only Pakistani/AJ&K national can apply for this scholarship.

14. Is international GRE-General /Subject score acceptable for applying to Commonwealth Scholarship?     

No. International GRE-General/Subject is not required for this scholarship. Only HEC ETC-HAT test score is required.

Applicants are advised to check any such score requirements (GRE/IELTS) for their intended degree programs with the university.

15. Which test is acceptable for applying to Commonwealth Scholarship?     

Only HAT test organized by Education Testing Council (ETC) is acceptable test for Commonwealth scholarship.

16. What are the mandatory requirements while applying for Ph.D. Programs?

Candidates applying for PhD studies must provide supporting statement by supervisor at one of the proposed host universities (mentioned in application form). A statement of acceptance issued by the supervisor must be attached to the online application.

Online references must also be submitted by CW portal deadline.

17. Which HAT test option is available on HEC ETC website?

All Master's applicants are required to register for the MS/MPhil test available on HEC ETC website.

All PhD applicants are required to register for the PhD test option for their HAT test.

18. I am PhD applicant, whereas I registered for MS/MPhil HAT test option?

Request HEC ETC through to change category from MS/MPhil to PhD test.

19. Applicant do not have HAT test score. If an applicant registers for HAT test now, how will they submit their score for the Commonwealth Scholarship?

Those applicants, who do not have HAT test score, shall register for an upcoming HAT test (tentative date is of last week of October). Once they appear in the test, their score will be submitted to HEC against CNIC provided in the application form by the testing agency (ETC).

20. If my university will not issue transcripts to me, can I still apply?

You cannot apply for the scholarship if you cannot obtain and submit transcripts yourself via the application system within the deadline. We do not correspond directly with your university or accept any documents via email or post.

21. Are there any FAQs available for applicants to seek guidance regarding their queries?

Yes, applicants are encouraged to read through FAQs section for understanding.

For HEC: Applicants may visit FAQs section on HEC Commonwealth scholarship webpage (

For Commonwealth: Applicants may visit “FAQs and Enquiries" section of CW website (

​21. How applicants can submit their queries to HEC and Commonwealth if not already covered through the available information on website.

A)   For queries related to HEC, applicants are advised to use the following.

Call UAN 051-111-119-432 or 0334-1119432 or raise your query on

B)   For queries related to CW, applicants can use Contact Us form available under “FAQs and Enquiries" section of CW website.