Capacity Building for Doctoral Provision in Pakistan

Objectives of the Programme

At the request of the Higher Education Commission, UCL Institute of Education has been involved since May 2015 in devising a programme to enhance the capacity and number of doctoral supervisors in Pakistan's HEIs.  

The programme focuses on two key areas:

1) Providing formal training and refresher courses for new and existing supervisors, respectively, via a cascading stream of training courses;  and

2) Promoting the development of a framework of appropriate documentation and systems to support both the training and the trained supervisors.

It is anticipated that this project will lead to faster throughput of successful doctoral students, which will allow for the ultimate expansion in the numbers of doctorates and enhance the reputations not only of the doctoral students and their supervisors but also of the universities.

Doctoral Capacity Building Pakistan project outline .docx

Future Work Proposal.doc

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