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Textbook Writing Support Program

Textbooks play a central role in improving quality of education. They seek to compile and organize the cumulative human knowledge in major areas of expertise, and thus provide a resource for both students and faculty members.

Higher Education Commission's Textbook Writing Support Program (TWSP) aims at providing an opportunity to the faculty members working in HEC recognized public and private sector universities and degree awarding institutes of Pakistan to increase their writing skills. Under this program, faculty members are extended financial assistance for writing of their research in the shape of textbook for undergraduate and graduate level. 

The main objective of the HEC Textbook Writing Support Program (TWSP) is to promote the production of high-quality textbooks in physical as well as digital forms, by national authors for use as recommended or required reading at undergraduate or graduate level courses.

In addition, the flowing ancillary objectives will also be achieved:

  • To develop a world-class academic publishing industry in Pakistan, with a special focus on the textbook publishing industry.
  • To bring the work of national scholars to international attention.
  • To develop high standards of quality control in academic publishing and popularize them among students as well as faculty members.
  • To provide necessary facilitation to local authors to establish effective networks with the publishing partners for textbook development and publishing.
  • To encourage and promote book writing culture based on local experience and information.
  • To build capacity of faculty members in the publishing domain.