Textbook & Monograph Writing Scheme
This program is undergoing policy changes and fresh application window is currently closed till further notice

The Textbook and Monograph Writing Scheme was created by the Higher Education Commission for the specific purpose of developing high quality literature and textbooks to support academic materials in the higher education sector. Through this scheme, HEC facilitates authors to write on a number of subject areas and disciplines relevant to graduate and postgraduate studies.


  • To promote academic writing skills.
  • To get intellectual input from writers on national issues.
  • To provide a platform for writers to explore and share their ideas and information.
  • To prepare and establish a solid team of authors at tertiary level.
  • To create a writers forum and arrange its annual meeting.
  • To make available low cost textbooks for students and teachers.
  • To develop monographs that shall provide incisive knowledge in core areas along with special topics.​​
Last Updated: 30-10-2020 21:51

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