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​​The Modern University Governance Program for University Management (MUG) aims to equip university management with the latest governance tools, and to bridge the gap between management and academia.

The first activity was held for the top management of the universities when LID and AIT Bangkok jointly conducted the first-ever two-week workshop on Good Governance for 21st Century from 22nd May –June 01, 2007. The workshop focused on good governance models and holistic strategic management principles, and was attended by 12 university VCs and two senior registrars. The workshop also included visits and meetings at leading Thai universities and technology parks, and related research organizations. During the visit, further MOUs were signed between individual universities and VCs of Pakistan.

Following the success of the program, the HEC decided with the support of all heads of HEIs to start a regular in-service program titled Modern University Governance Program for University Management (MUG) for all tiers of university management.  Since then, LID has been implementing activities at regular intervals according to the following framework:

Main activities of MUG program are:

  1. Orientation Leadership Training Program for Newly Inducted Vice Chancellor HEIs of Pakistan
  2. Leadership Training Program for Newly Inducted Vice Chancellor HEIs of Pakistan
  3. Leadership Training Program for Senior Management HEIs of Pakistan
  4. Strategic Management Workshops for Senior Management HEIs of Pakistan

​The staff trainings are designed to equip university management with an understanding of generic and specified areas such as:

  • Good governance models, tools and techniques
  • Principles of management
  • Leadership and management
  • Strategic management and policy planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Public policy
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Principals of audit and accounting
  • Financial management
  • Project management
  • PMBOK international modules
  • Ethics and corporate /social responsibility etc
  • Professional communication
  • Media advocacy
  • Proficiency in English for professional settings
  • Effective use of ICT in professional environment
  • Emotional intelligence (EQ vs IQ)
  • Time and stress management
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Result based management

​​​How can universities conduct the program?

This program is ideal for university management as well as faculty members who are working on management-related tasks by their respective universities. To enrich the learning process, LID arranges skilled resource persons, who share their experience and knowledge gathered from the latest academic content and research. Our program also provides excellent networking opportunities with faculty members from all over the country. We also introduced a video conferencing facility to our program if required for national and international dialogues and seminars.

The MUG Program is conducted both by HEC as well as sponsored by LID to be arranged at the doorsteps of universities. In this regard the TOR can be accented as guidelines to initiate the process OR the program coordinator be approached.

Future additional Targets Goals:

  • Development of Career Counseling Centers and Trainings for HEIs staff
  • Self-Generation Programs / Trainings for HEIs
  • HEC staff capacity building trainings
  • Indigenous On Campus Training Program (IOT) for all level of HEIs Staff​