Pakistan Universities Debating Championship 2020-21

The Higher Education Commission, Islamabad has launched a debate competition titled "Pakistan Universities Debating Championship" (PUDC). Debating is about persuading an audience. Every Public Forum Debate round begins from the resolution. To be successful in Public Forum, speakers must effectively evaluate, analyze, and research each resolution. A debater's technical proficiency, eloquence, and poise are all for naught if the resolution isn't addressed adequately.

HEC aims to engage the university students in learner- centered intellectual practice that will not only lead to improving their critical thinking skills, but also teach them the art of deploying reasoned and rational arguments effectively. Pakistan Universities Debating Championship will serve as a platform for the university students to boost their self-confidence and poise

All HEC Recognized Universities/Campuses are eligible to participate in the championship.



The dates for Regional Rounds of PUDC shall be announced soon.


Ms. Saher Mirza

Assistant Director (Academics)

Higher Education Commission

H-8, Islamabad

Last Updated: 02-12-2021 16:05

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