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Implementation of UEP 2020

​The full benefits of the UEP will be actualized only if it is implemented without compromising its objectives, which is the challenge. This challenge can best be met when the leadership and academic communities become the flag bearers of change. The HEC will of course provide continued facilitation, support, and guidance in its implementation.

Following are some useful resources:

This manual assists HEIs in planning and taking necessary steps for implementation in a systematic manner.

  • Guidelines 

Under the requirements of the Undergraduate Education Policy 2020 (UEP), Universities will need to provide three additional services to undergraduate students. 

  1. Academic Advisement and OrientationAcademic Advisement and Student Orientation Guidelines.pdf

  2. Internships: Internship Guidelines.pdf

  3. Practical Learning Labs(PLLs): Practical Learning Labs (PLLs) Guidelines.pdf

These services will be implemented through the establishment of an Undergraduate Student Office (USO), preferably under one roof, which will have three sections or sub-offices each dealing with the above-mentioned areas.​