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Mandate of M&E Division


The Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Division, HEC is mandated to manage and administer the implementation phase through monitoring of the Federal PSDP funded development projects being executed at HEC and HEIs across the country. The prime objective is to ensure the implementation of projects within the given scope, time and cost as per PC-1 provision, rules & regulations to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources.

The initiation of the monitoring phase is dependent on the fulfillment of the prerequisites of the PC-I and PC-II phases which are duly administered by the Planning and Development Division of HEC. Soon after the administrative approval is accorded, the development projects enter the domain of the Monitoring and Evaluation Division and are monitored through PC-IIIs till the completion and submission of the PC-IVs duly approved by the Executive Director for onward transmission to the Planning Commission. 

Roles and Functions
Following are the main roles and functions of M&E Division with key tasks and assigned responsibilities:

  1. Monitoring of PSDP funded development projects during complete project implementation cycle ranging from PC-III to PC-V in compliance to the fulfillment of all requirements.
  2. Chalking out the project implementation plan with the executing agencies on project approval and issuing directives for formal initiation of project activities.
  3. Conducting regular onsite monitoring visits, desk reviews, regular & special reviews of RED flagged projects to streamline the implementation.
  4. Preparation of special monitoring reports of Red flagged / slow moving projects, identify bottlenecks, recommending corrective measures to mitigate the obstacles and sharing with the concerned authorities for immediate redressal of issues.
  5. Preparation of quarterly review reports of all the projects and submission to the Ministry of Planning Development and Special Initiatives and Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan.
  6. Obtaining and reviewing the financial requirements of development projects and recommend the quarterly release plan in coordination with the HEC P&D Division.
  7. Recommend to the P&D Division on annual allocation for the development projects of PSDP and prepare re-appropriation proposal(s) of funds according to the project requirements for approval from the Planning Commission.
  8. Advice solicitation and processing of re-appropriation, revision and time extension of projects in coordination with P&D Division.
  9. Follow-up for the completion of the project, obtaining PC-IVs from executing agencies and submission of PC-IVs to the Planning Commission after fulfillment of codal formalities.
  10. Conduct special inquiries on various issues highlighted by the DAC/PAC and external agencies on the directives of the HEC Competent Authority.
  11. Consolidate overall PSDP portfolio in various domains like Civil Works, HRD, Lab Facilities etc. and its regular update.
  12. Liaise with the HRD Division, HEC for the smooth execution of the Faculty Development Program (FDP) of universities through PSDP.
  13. Coordinate the audit of development projects through the Federal Audit of Federally Chartered Universities in coordination with the Audit Division, HEC.
  14. Reporting on the progress to various stakeholders / authorities / Govt. agencies like Planning Commission, Ministry of Finance, Prime Minister Inspection Commission (PMIC), Parliamentary Affairs, NA/ Senate, AGPR, Provincial HEDs, Governors/Chancellors offices etc.‚Äč