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Monitoring & Evaluation Division

​​​The M&E Division was initially established in HEC as Planning & Monitoring Cell in year 2003 through a development project.

Later ECNEC in its meeting held on 18-02-2004 directed each Ministry/Division to establish Planning & Monitoring Cells from non-development budget to plan, appraise, monitor and evaluate the development projects.

In continuation of previous and compliance of the ECNEC decision, it was shifted from project funded setup to the recurring side in its present form and elevated status as a full- fledged Monitoring and Evaluation Division of HEC.

Hierarchy of M&E Division:

The M&E Division is headed by an Adviser (MP-II) who directly reports to the Executive Director, HEC/Principal Accounting Officer.  The M&E Division comprises of a team of highly professional and experienced project monitoring & evaluation officers with the following charter of duties:

Charter of Duties:

All the development projects are monitored right after the issuance of administrative approval till completion and submission of PC-IV. Each monitoring officer/ team of monitoring officers have been assigned different universities to monitor their development projects. The key duties of each Monitoring Officer is as under:

  • Monitoring and evaluating the implementation of PSDP funded Development projects
  • Onsite monitoring visits /desk reviews/ regular and special reviews/ meetings and preparation of reports
  • Progress reporting and follow-up to streamline execution.
  • Progress review and financial requirement assessment/quarterly release plan.
  • Advice solicitation and facilitation on re-appropriation, time, scope, cost revision with constant guidance and support to the universities
  • Special enquiries on multifarious irregularities on audit observations/other related authorities.
  • ​Collection of Project Completion Reports (PC-IV) and their submission to Planning Commission
  • Consolidation of overall PSDP portfolio in various areas of development like Civil Works, HRD, Lab Facilities etc. and updating databases on progress on regular basis.
  • Reporting on the progress to various stakeholders / authorities / Govt. agencies like PC, MOF, PM Office PMIC , Parliamentary Affairs, NA, Senate, AGPR, Chancellors offices etc.​