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The M&E Division was initially established in HEC as Planning & Monitoring Cell in year 2003 through a development project.

Later ECNEC in its meeting held on 18-02-2004 directed each Ministry/Division to establish Planning & Monitoring Cells from non-development budget to plan, appraise, monitor and evaluate the development projects.

In continuation of previous and compliance of the ECNEC decision, it was shifted from project funded setup to the recurring side in its present form and elevated status as a full- fledged Monitoring and Evaluation Division of HEC.

Hierarchy of M&E Division:

The M&E Division is headed by an Adviser (MP-II) who directly reports to the Executive Director, HEC/Principal Accounting Officer.  The M&E Division comprises of a team of highly professional and experienced project monitoring & evaluation officers with the following charter of duties:

Charter of Duties:

All the development projects are monitored right after the issuance of administrative approval till completion and submission of PC-IV. Each monitoring officer/ team of monitoring officers have been assigned different universities to monitor their development projects. The key duties of each Monitoring Officer is as under:

  1. Ensure implementation of projects as per scope within approved budgetary provisions and timelines.
  2. Monitoring of the project activities on quarterly basis till its completion.
  3. Facilitate and guide the executing agencies in activity planning, project execution, resource allocation along with the compliance of codal formalities, rules, regulations devised by the government bodies/authorities for effective project implementation.
  4. Field visits during execution to monitor the implementation and suggesting corrective / preventive measure to mitigate the risks.
  5. Assistance in issue resolution and process the cases for project revision, re-appropriation and time extension for approval from the competent forum.
  6. Facilitation in preparation of RFP's, tender documents, contract agreements for procurement to the executing agencies.
  7. Preparation of special reports, executive summaries of development projects of each university/DAI's periodically, to assess the institutional capacity, management setup and technical strength to identify gaps and measures to overcome/minimize deficiencies to enhance the institutional capacity.
  8. Preparation of customized reports for HEC higher management, Planning Commission of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance, National Assembly/Senate Questions, Auditor General as per requirement.
  9. Formal closure of projects by obtaining project completion report (PC-IV), surrender of funds to Federal treasury (if any) and submission of PC-IV to the Planning Commission.

M&E Team:

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