Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions

The program will be executed through Offices of Research Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) for non ORIC universities, Sociology department / Directorate of Research may lead. The ORIC / Directorate of Research will identify one specific problem / issue in the local community (in radius of their campus) for possible deliberation/solution. The team will identify the related department and faculty, who can possibly work on the issue. For community interaction / coordination, community centres​ may be mobilized with the help of community leadership.

In response to HEC annual call the group may initiate small project on the given theme.

Financial Support

·         HEC will provide grant up to Rs. 500,000 per proposal

·         The University must have to contribute an equal amount for the proposal

Duration of Program

·         Maximum duration of Proposal is 03 Months which will be counted after release of Budget.