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Application Procedure

CGI scholarship application form and medical history and report can be downloaded from here. 

  1. CGI application from (Clic​k here)
  2. Medical history and report form (Click here)
  3. Apply online at HEC website:  After registering and filling your profile, please select "Learning Opportunities Abroad". After submission of the application, get its printed copy to be signed & stamped by employer (if employed already).

Documents Details:

For your own convenience, please keep ready two sets of CGI application form (printed copy) in a separate spiral binding along-with following documents:

  1. Statement of purpose explaining their interests in the study
  2. Research proposal
  3. Attested copies of all Academic Degrees & Transcripts
  4. Two passport size photographs
  5. Three Letter of Recommendation (academic or professional)
  6. Medical certificate
  7. Certificate of English language proficiency preferably TOEFL or IELTS.
  8. NOC from employer (in case of employment)
  9. One copy of HEC application form in separate spiral binding.

However, at the time of online application to HEC, you need NOT to send the hard copies of above-mentioned documents. The above-mentioned documents will be required by HEC from short listed candidates only at a later stage of the selection process.

Application deadline & notification of the award:

Deadline for submission of online application is August 01, 2022. Successful Candidates will be notified of the outcome by the CGI around January 2023.​


a.  No Application documents mentioned above will be returned whether the application is successful or not.

  1. HEC will shortlist eligible applicants on the basis of selection criteria defined by CGI, highest academic merit, test/interview and the number of scholarship slots allocated for Pakistani students by CGI.
  2. Only online submitted applications are accepted. Saved/Incomplete applications will NOT be accepted. The recommendation of nominating agency i.e. HEC will be final and binding.

d.  Please note that HEC has facilitation role in nomination process, as final selection will be made by the donor country/Agency/Institute. Further, HEC will have no financial liability regarding this scholarship.

e. In case of final award, selected candidates will not be able to withdraw, otherwise HEC reserve the right to put penalty including impose a ban for future scholarship award.