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Center of Asian Civilization and Cultures

​Heritage, Language, Culture and history are the best mediums for promoting mutual understanding among countries. Pak-Sri Lanka Higher Education Cooperation Program establishes a Center of Asian Civilizat ions and Cultures at a Sri Lankan University to promote the value of Asian Cultures and Civilizations. The center provides an opportunity to Sri Lankan academia and researchers to visit Pakistan to explore rich culture of Pakistan. The goal of this center is to encourage increased knowledge of Pakistan in Sri Lanka and to help forge better ties between Sri Lankan academics and their counterparts in Pakistan. 


·  Short Educational and Cultural trips for Sri Lankan citizens to historical sites in Pakistan

·  Promote academic research in area of Asian Civilizations and related fields

·  Cultural shows for community

·  Art Exhibitions

·  Assistance to Sri Lankan students seeking admission in Pakistani universities.

·  Assistance to Sri Lankan faculty to establish connections with Pakistani faculty .​