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University Faculty Exchange

​​In modern day higher education, the international mobility of faculty is increasing worldwide. In order to motivate faculty of Pakistani and Srilankan universities to gain international experience at top-ranked Pakistani and Srilankan Universities, Faculty Exchange Program will play a pivotal role in establishing and strengthening academic and professional ties among academicians and researchers of the two countries. The program would expose faculty in both countries to international teaching and research, promote international curricula, and encourage joint teaching programs and open doors to possibilities for future collaborations.

The purpose of faculty exchange programme is to match faculty members from Sri Lanka and Pakistan who will collaborate through educational seminars, conferences, joint research and cultural exchange. Faculty from Universities of both countries is expected to travel to the partner institution upto two weeks. During the visit, faculty members will meet with other faculty members in order to discuss future potential research projects, give an open lecture to the community and other collaborative activities. Moreover, faculty members are expected to organize a virtual activity to give their students and other staff members the opportunity to collaborate. Ultimately, the faculty from two countries will work together to broaden their knowledge in their fields of study in addition to acquire a better understanding of each other's educational system and develop collaborative projects that link their home and host institutions in contemporary research.
The faculty exchange would provide participants with the opportunity to conduct research in Pakistani and Srilankan Universities upto two weeks. Faculty members from both countries would benefit from exposure to a culturally diverse academic and research environment with a unique opportunity to exchange ideas about contemporary research. The need for rich variety of ideas, cultures, thoughts, and styles of teaching are important for promotion of higher education. The program would create a greater bond among the concerned institutions and help to promote bi-lateral relationships between Pakistan and Sri Lanka.
  1. HEC Pakistan and UGC Sri Lanka will communicate with top ranked Pakistani and Srilankan universities interested in faculty exchange programme within their own institution to identify faculty members interested in participating.​
  2. Once identified, selected faculty members, will put forward a proposal as prescribed by HEC online application form through university official channel. Joint proposals from universities who wish to collaborate are also welcome.
  3. ​HEC will review project proposals and will notify the respective institutions.
  4. ​The collaborating faculty members will design set of activities to be implemented during visits. A research proposal will be sent to HEC for technical review
  5. ​Selected faculty members will participate in the short-term faculty exchange on a mutually agreed date.
Selected participants are expected to complete the following tasks:
Before Visit: A potential match is introduced to faculty member. Both participants are expected to establish communication to have an initial conversation. After the match is confirmed, faculty members are expected to establish communication to brainstorm and agree on the different activities planned upto two weeks visit.
During Visit: Each professor is expected to participate in academic and research activities:​
  • Visiting professor will te​​ach or co-teach his/her colleague's classes.​
  • ​Visiting professor will offer a lecture on his/her expertise open to the community.
  • ​Visiting professor will meet other academic departments to discuss potential future projects.
  • ​Professors are highly encouraged to participate in a community outreach activity.
  • ​An online/virtual activity will be organized by the professors to give students from both institutions the opportunity to interact.
After Visit: Professors are expected to share the evaluation survey with HEC. Each professor will complete a final report by the end of visit. 

How to Apply:

1. Download and complete the application form

2. Submit the application form

  • Submit the application form via email. You can send the soft or scanned copy of the duly filled form via email on
  • Attach all the documents with the application form in the same email. A checklist of required documents s attached at the end of the application form.

3. Await HEC response

  • We will acknowledge you regarding the submission of your application.

4. Selection Procedure

  • After receiving the application, the selection committee will review the applications and awards will be made semi-annually.