How To Apply
The Scheme is closed for further registration.

Student guidance to Apply and Payment Procedure

  1. Students who are newly admitted in Public Sector University in Spring/Fall Session (depending upon the university’s admission cycle) are required to apply through online student web portal system i.e. by the given deadline of HEC

  2. Newly registered are not required to validate their records.

  3. The focal person of the university will approve/disapprove ‘Newly Registered’ students by the given deadline of HEC.

  4. HEC, office will scrutinize the data and look for any discrepancies and ineligible students.

  5. HEC will ensure payments to the students according to fee structure of the universities and approved heads of the Scheme

  6. Only approved students meeting the eligibility criteria of the Scheme will receive payment.

  7. Cheques are issued in the name of VC of respective universities/ financial aid offices. The universities are responsible for the disbursement of cheques to students.

  8. The process of disbursement is ensured through help desk portal where universities assign assets through helpdesk system.

  9. Subsequent payments are processed on receipt of satisfactory Fund utilization report from universities.

    Students are not allowed to directly approach HEC office for the inclusion of names under the scheme. He/ She has to contact the focal persons of the universities incase any problem pertains to the online web portal system.