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Release of Funds to HEC Recognized National Research Journals for the Year 2021-22

The process for release of funds to accredited local journals (which are included in ) for FY 2021-22 is being initiated.

The Editors of National Recognized Research Journals are requested to complete the following task by October 15, 2021:

  1. Submit "Online Funding Requisition Proforma 2021-22" on the given link by creating a login name.
  2. Upload the signed/stamped Proforma on the above link along with supporting documents.
  3. Post the hard copies of the signed/stamped Proforma along with supporting documents to this office.

Note: INCOMPLETE or DELAYED REQUESTS (received hard copies after October 15, 2021) will not be processed.


Higher Education Commission (HEC) facilitates national research journals published by registered entities (universities or departments of faculties of such entities or registered research institutions or non-profit academic societies with a mandate for research) through financial support and capacity building to enhance their academic and publication standards.  

Different policies have been introduced to nurture and enhance the academic and publication standards of scholarly publications. An online system called HEC's Journals Recognition System (HJRS)  has also been launched for the recognition of research journals. Besides, publication of scholarly/research work through various other sources are also being encouraged in the form of accreditation and financial support.

A- Research journals

B- Text Book Writing Support Program 

C- Scholarly Publications other than Research Journals 

    • Policies/SOPs are under revision and will be notified shortly



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