Funding Details

  • The funding (for mobility) will be shared equally by the HEC and French counterpart.
  • The funding for the core research project will be borne by the concerned Pakistani and the French Universities/Institutes.
  • HEC and the French counterpart will provide funding only for travel and living expenses to the researchers involved in the projects for visiting Pakistan and France

          Th​e HEC Pakistan will cover;

          Travel expenses of Pakistani Researchers to foreign: round trip including inland travel:


           Living allowance in Pakistan for Foreign Researchers: 
           @Rs.5000 per diem for short stay <= 10 days
           @Rs.3000 per diem for long stay > 10 days up to 3 months

Visits:How many times in a year?Number of visitorsHow long?Total visits
Faculty Member (applicant)

Year 1 =  1

Year 2 =  0

Year 3 =  1

1Maximum 10 days per visit2

Year 1 =  0

Year 2 =  2

Year 3 =  1

Maximum 90 days per visit3


           Contribution by the France will cover;

           Travel expenses to French Researchers

           Living allowance in France for Pakistani Researchers:
​           @ € 110 per diem for short stay <= 10 days
           @ € 65 per diem for long stay > 10 days up to 3 months

  • ​The funds will be provided on an annual basis, for maximum three consecutive years (till the life of project), according to the approved budget.
  • The renewal/release of the annual funding is subject to the submission of scientific and financial progress report at the end of each year.