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In French universities: Director of International Relations in the concerned university.

In Pakistani universities: Director (ORIC), while for non ORIC HEIs, Director Board of Advance Studies & Research of the university.


The expert evaluators will assess each proposal according to a scoring rubric, and will provide written comments on the proposal. Scoring rubrics will be based on following:

  • Relevance to the priority areas
  • Scientific quality of the proposed research
  • Research track and experience of the visiting fellow
  • The Principal Investigator's and the host institute's suitability
  • Complimentarily of co-applicants (benefit for each co-applicant)
  • Potential for long-term collaboration
  • Impact on economy & society

Web link for the scoring rubric for Evaluation:


The selection for PERIDOT awards will be made through an open, rigorous, transparent, competitive and merit-based process consistent with international standards for funding academic research projects.  All Proposals, submitted in response to this Call for Proposals, will be scrutinized by HEC, keeping in view the eligibility Criteria of this grant and then evaluated by independent experts in France and Pakistan.

The Evaluation process consists of two sequential steps:  Independent Review by at least two Expert Reviewers from Pakistan and Review from Experts in France, followed by a Joint Committee Meeting for sharing the results and selection of Top performers in both the Reviews.


Renewal of the annual funding is subject to the submission of a scientific and financial progress report at the end of each year.

A joint final report is required to be submitted no later than three months after the completion of projects.

All progress reports will reviewed by the experts.

After successful completion of the project, the PI is required to submit a Project Completion Report endorsed by his/her collaborating partner.