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How to Apply
  1. The eligible scientists/researchers can download application form to apply for funds for their patentable research/invention along with their Business Plan for commercialization of this innovation.
  2. The applicant is required to submit the application at lease six months prior to the submission validity for filing of patent application in the foreign country.
  3. The parent organization has to send 1) approval of the patent reveiw committee clearly establish the petenability as well as potential market; 2) prior art search report and 3) assess your market proforma.
  4. Then on the bases of these recommendations and market survey the patent expert will decide whether the patent should be filed provisionally or otherwise.
  5. It becomes the responsibility of the concerned institution /organization/ inventor to search for the business/industrial partner, ready to take the patent for further development of provisionally filed patents.
  6. HEC will file the patent, after approval of the Committee of Experts.
  7. The patent will be assigned to concerned institution/organization.
  8. Once a patent is issued to the inventor, he/she will be bound to follow his/her university/institute/R&D-organization's Intellectual Property (IP) Policy. All royalty and any other share will be distributed as per the HEI Intellectual Property (IP) Policy.
  9. The concerned institution/ORIC is responsible to monitor and pay the maintenance fee well in time to keep the patent in force.
  10. The PI and university/institute/R&D-organization concerned will be then bound to report the progress of the registered patent and its contribution towards economy and mankind.
  11. It will be the responsibility of university/institute/R&D-organization concerned to commercialise the patent and report to the HEC.
  12. ​The maximum amount US$6,000/- as patent filing fee is paid/reimbursed.​​​
  13. To support filing local patent applications at IPO-Pakistan:, HEC may reimburse the patent filing fee after approval of the HEC Patent Review Committee. The applicants are required to submit their request through ORIC (or Directorate of Research if ORIC is not established). ORIC will forward patent fee reimbursement request after approval and evaluation of university’s Patent Review Committee.

Download application form​​​​​​​
Assess your market proforma