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Thematic Research Grants Program

​​​Higher education sector of Pakistan has been playing an important role in improving the quality of teaching and developing research culture through innovative ways. Realizing the need of ensuring the concept of knowledge economy in true sense it initiated different incentivized programs in both the public and private sector universities/institutions to motivate and encourage the potential researchers in almost all disciplines. However, besides its focus on promoting research culture in sciences it also concentrated on promoting research culture in social sciences. It, hence, intends to encourage the creative and talented faculty members to probe into those areas (see the different thematic areas in attachment) that check the growth, development and progress of Pakistan. Such encouragement not only helps in addressing the key issues paralyzing the status of Pakistan but also unearthing those possible case studies and details which can be translated into national policies and goals achievements. Furthermore, thematic research program in social sciences aims to discourage the on-going brain drain and utilizing the innovative thinking of researchers. The following are the SOPs of the Thematic Grants Program [TRGP- 2017-18]


TGRP 2017-18 intends to:

a​) Address all such issues that discourage the pace of Pakistan in encountering the developed world;

b) Identify all those possible avenues which can ensure the concept of innovation and commercialization of research output;

c) Showcase material and other details or, in other words, profile of Pakistan vis-à-vis other countries, if required, for understanding of the readers, academics, policy makers as well as for developing holistic development strategies;

d) Encourage diversity based researches to help develop grounded and feasible understanding of the issues through diverse lenses.  

e) Ensure continuity, implementation, and institutionalization of previous research done under Thematic Research Grant Program.

f) Converting the earlier research into policies, programs, interventions, electronic and training materials, degree programs, diploma courses, and publications, for wider dissemination and application.  

Research Themes:

Theme-1:  Economy and National/ Sustainable Development Goals.
Theme-2:  Social Sciences, Arts, Humanities and National Development.
​Theme-3:  The New Dynamics of National and International Affairs.
Theme-4:  State and Society of Pakistan: the Way Forward.
​Theme-5:  Higher Education in Pakistan: Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward.

Amount and Budget Estimates:  

Maximum funding would be up to Rs.10.0 million for each research project. The proposed budget will be submitted on a separate sheet in the approved format provided along with the Application Form. If more than one institute is involved, the budget must clearly state the cash/kind inputs by and expenses for each institute in respect of all cost-heads. 

PI shall provide budget details along with justifications for each budget head as prescribed in the Application Form. The contingencies shall not exceed 10% of the total project budget. No additional budget shall be provided in case of any change in circumstances.


Grants will be awarded for one year only to the applicants/proposals fulfilling the HEC Thematic Research Grants Criteria provided with Application Form and available at   

In case of adverse circumstances, the application of P.I. for extension in project period may be considered on case to case basis. 

If the project proposal is funded, the institution will be responsible for the administration of the grant. No funds will be paid directly to the individuals.​​​