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Equivalence Of Pakistani Degrees

​General requirements for submission of Local Equivalence applications: 

Applicant(s) desiring to apply for equivalence must ensure that their educational documents from bachelor's degree up to terminal qualifications are duly attested by the HEC. Afterward, they should proceed to submit an equivalence application at The submission process is hassle-free, requiring applicants to provide step-by-step information. The applicant must pay an equivalence fee using the 1-link Payment method, utilizing the consumer ID generated by the system. After payment, it is mandatory to verify the transaction using the "Task Assigned to Me" option available on the main dashboard of Once this step is completed, the application is officially submitted for scrutiny.

Processing of Local Equivalence Applications: -

Upon submission of the equivalence application, the equivalence team will then evaluate the application as per policy. After approval, a system-generated equivalence letter is issued to the respective applicant(s). The issued letter can be easily downloaded from the main dashboard by clicking on the "approved" button available in the main dashboard of​. Subsequently, it can also be easily verified on the HEC website via the following link:

It's also imperative to note that attestation of Transcript(s) is mandatory only if the degree itself is not attested by HEC. In such a case, the applicant will be issued a provisional equivalence letter.

Uploading Supplementary Documents:

Applicants may also submit supplementary documents to support their case and upload the back side of their educational documents, where HEC has affixed attested stamps. These additional documents can be attached to the application through the Documents Upload Section using the "Add Another File" button.

​Revision Requests sent by the Equivalence Team:

If the applicant (s) has not provided the required documents or if the equivalence team requires further clarification, then a revision request will be sent to the respective applicant. If the applicant fulfills the requirements, the same can be resubmitted to the equivalence team using the "Task Assigned to Me" option available in the main dashboard of​.

For FAQs and general queries, please go to​