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​​​​​​​​This development project was approved by the CDWP in its meeting held on October 29, 2015, at a capital cost of Rs. 2,905.00 million. The administrative approval was issued on May 31, 2016, with an implementation period of 60 months. In its first cycle 200 tech. development projects with 175 industry, business partners, and investors were funded. Out of these 160 are already in commercialization and licensed with partner industries. 

It has proven the first developmental scheme to provide academic researchers a platform and opportunity to interact with the industry for linking innovation and invention to revenue generation by marketing their innovations with Industry. Based on this project's success CDWP again approved the enhanced scope of the project to support more such joint academia-industry projects and continue to support the Government of Pakistan Vision 2025 to lead Pakistan towards the knowledge economy. 

Out of 200 awarded projects 178 are completed and whereas remaining are at different stages of implementation with expected completion by December 2022. Over 100 impact factor publications are made, while others are submitted to international peer-reviewed journals, 150 prototypes/processes have been developed while 23 are under development against the PC-I target of developing 75 prototypes. 160 products licensed to Industry and over 20 launched as spinoffs spearheaded by faculty against the PC-I target of 20 products. 41 National/ International Patents granted/ 50 plus filed while many are in the preparation phase.

​Project Inputs Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Target Achievement

Technology Development​​ Projects

Number of Awards200 200

Technology Development Projects

Number of Projects Completed 200 176

National/ International Patent Filed in Collaboration with Industry


41 Granted, 55 filed IPO/ WIPO, and 34 are in the process

Prototype Development

Number of Prototype Developed 75 150
Initial Product development Number of Product Developed 20 170

Marketing of Research/ Licensing

Number of Research Products Commercialized 75 160

​TDF-awarded projects help the Government of Pakistan to meet its commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals.

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TDF Added Benefits.png

Bridged Industry-Academia Gap through Chambers of Commerce and Industry

  1. ​University-Industry Linkages Committees by regional Chambers of Commerce & Industry
  2. More than dozens University-Industry Linkages meetings and Roundtables
  3. Identification of Areas of cooperation/ collaboration to solve problems of local industry
  4. 200 TDF projects partnered with 175 Industries across Pakistan
  5. Enabled academicians came out of HEIs and talk to industry for their problem solution​

Policy Dialogue to support the commercialization of Academic Research 

  1. ​National Startup Policy

  2. National IP and Commercialization framework

  3. National Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy

  4. Pakistan Venture Capital Policy and Implementation Framework

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Technology Development Fund​​. Progress/Status as of now. ​