Q: What is TDF?

A: Technology Development Fund is a five year PSDP (Public sector development programme) to promote the academia industry joint ventures to convert research ideas into products/services to accomplish the mission of 2025 of knowledge based economy and to promote made in Pakistan culture.

For further details please visit http://hec.gov.pk/site/tdf

Q: How much grant can be availed under TDF grant?

A: Grant up to 14 Million PKR can be availed under TDF for each successful proposal.

Q: Which are preferred fields to apply for TDF grant allocation?

A: The proposals shall be submitted by PhD scholars who have completed their PhD with their industrial partners, have a ready research in the following specified areas;

1.     Telecommunication, Information and Technology/Computers (applications in Govt. services, health, textile, agriculture & dairy etc.)

2.     Engineering Sciences, Micro Electronics, Water, Power, Energy and Fleet Management

3.     Biotechnology and Allied fields (in Health, Agriculture, Textile, Leather & Dairy etc.)

4.     Material Sciences/Man Made Material (Nanotechnology)

5.     Robotics, Defense and Military needs

6.     Any other applied discipline which is inductive or conducive to success of products developed or upscale the process of Industrial level manufacturing.

Q: Who can apply for TDF grant?

A: All PhD faculty members (Both males and females) of public sector and approved Private sector universities can apply for TDF grant along with their industrial partners through ORIC / Directorate of research. List of eligible private universities for public funding can be seen on



Q: Who will evaluate TDF proposals?

A: HEC-TDF has pool of well-known expert from academia and industry to evaluate proposals.   

Q: Can PIs (Principal investigators) reapply for TDF grant with new proposals, if they have already applied and secured TDF grant against first call of proposals?

A: Yes PIs can apply with new proposals, even if you they have already applied and availed grant under TDF first call for proposals.

Q: Can PIs (Principal investigators) apply for TDF even if they have won or applied for projects under NRPU, UISTP, Pak-US, or any other?

A: Yes 

Q: If a proposal was not accepted for grant against first or second call for proposals, can PIs reapply against third call for proposals with same improved idea till 30th August 2018?

A: Keeping in view the guidelines provided in documents (How to apply) at given ULR http://hec.gov.pk/site/tdf, PIs can reapply with their same ideas along with updated documents in light of comments by evaluators. 

Q: Who will own the product after its development?

A: After the product development the ownership of the product is mutual understanding between industrial and academic partner. HEC has no concern with the ownership of the product whatsoever.

Q: How will PI get the amount granted?

A: HEC will deposit the amount to the account of the Vice Chancellor of the university / institution.

Q: Will PIs get the whole grant or HEC will disperse it partly?

A: As per requirement of the proposals, PIs can get complete grant in one installment and can also receive some portion of grant in first year and rest in second year.

Q: Is industrial partner must for TDF proposals?

A: Yes, PIs should have an industrial partner who will help the PIs in mass production and marketing of product/services.

Q: What is the total duration in which project should be completed by PI?

A: 2 years.

Q: Are PIs bound to return the TDF grant at any stage of after completion of projects?

A: TDF grant is allocated for the development of products/services, PIs are not bound to return the allocated grant at any stage. Internal and external audit, project evaluation will evaluate project during the project tenure.

Q: Salary for each student working with PI in TDF projects?

A: Salary limit is 15000 per month for MS student and 20,000 per month for PhD student under TDF projects.

Q: Is it mandatory to submit hard copies and soft copy of complete proposal file?

A: Yes it is mandatory to send hard copies of your proposals along with complete soft copy of proposal at gsarwar@hec.gov.pk  

Q: Is there any share of HEC if any income generated out of TDF projects?

A: Yes only 2 % (for details see Contract Agreement at www.hec.gov.pk/site/tdf)  ​

Q: How benefits (monetary) will be shared between PI, University and Industrial Partner?

A: Any discovery made, patent, product/process carried out with this grant will be in the name of the PI and the university concerned. Financial and licensing terms to industry will be decided by the university ORIC/Directorate of Research.

Q: How long it takes for the award of TDF project after submission?

A: 7-8 months

Q: What is review/evaluation process for projects submitted under TDF?

A: Initial Scrutiny (as per checklist given at the end of proposal application form), Academic review from 2 experts (50%) and Industrial review from 1 expert (50%), defense or idea pitching (focus on Business model of project) and approval from TDF steering Committee.

Q: What will be the frequency of monitoring visits to TDF awarded projects?

A: Quarterly

Q: Can A PI apply for TDF if he has already NRPU or any other project awarded by HEC.

A: Yes

Q:  Can a PI apply with new startup?

A: Yes in such case PI don't need any Industrial Partner but we prefer to have one. If not then he has to show his investment as new startup with proper registration and NTN. ​

Q: Who can be your industry Partner?

  1. A renowned/ registered Business or production entity of relevant field/sector
  2. Must have NTN/STN
  3. Must agree to contribute in kind/ financially (preferred)
  4. Can take the developed product to mass scale production

Q: Can I take foreign industry as Industrial Partner?

No, but he could be a co-PI/team member not the industry partner Unless he has

  1. Production facility in Pakistan and registered or have NTN/STN
  2. Established distribution network and warehouse in Pakistan (with consent to give your idea a space to produce at Mass Scale

    For further details explore our webpage www.hec.gov.pk/site/TDF