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​​​​​What is TDF? 

Technology Development Fund is a five-year PSDP (Public sector development programme) to promote the academia-industry joint ventures to convert research ideas into products/services to accomplish the mission of 2025 of knowledge-based economy and to promote made in Pakistan culture.

After successful implementation of first phase, the project has been extended for another Call for proposals. For further details please visit

Which are preferred fields to apply for TDF grant allocation?
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The proposals shall be submitted by PhD scholars who have completed their PhD with their industrial partners, have ready research in the following focused areas.


1. Climate Change and its impact on socioeconomics of Pakistan (Agriculture, Food Security, Urban development, Pollution, Floods, Biodiversity Conservation, any other)

2. Information and Technology/Computers (applications in Govt. services, health, textile, agriculture, dairy etc.) and Telecommunication

3. Engineering Sciences, Micro Electronics, Water, Power Energy and Fleet Management

4. Biotechnology and Allied fields (in health, agriculture, textile, leather, dairy etc.)

5. Material Sciences/Man Made Material (Nanotechnology)

6. Robotics, Defense and Military needs

7. Any other applied discipline which is inductive or conducive to success of products developed or upscale the process of Industrial level manufacturing, commercialization, and business development.

A list of sorted topics identified during roundtable with leading chambers of commerce and industry can also be found in the guidelines Annex A in the downloads section. 

Who can be your industry Partner?
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a renowned/ registered Business or production entity of a relevant field/sector

1.     Must have NTN/STN

2.     Must agree to contribute in kind/ financially (preferred)

3.     Hold hand till the product/ process/ prototype developed and commercialized

4.     Agree to sign NDA, MTA and Licenses on terms mutually decided between PI, HIS university, ORIC and Industry partner

Can I take foreign industry as Industrial Partner?
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No, but he could be a co-PI/team member not the industry partner Unless he has
  1. Production facility in Pakistan and registered or have NTN/STN
  2. Established distribution network and warehouse in Pakistan (with consent to give your idea a space to produce at Mass Scale
For further details explore our webpage