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Funding Procedure

  • HEC will provide funds to all public sector Universities/HEI's and eligible private-sector Universities/HEI's under Library Support Program up to 75% of the expenses incurred for purchase of library resources.
  • Each public sector HEI will get funds based on a formula with two criteria: HEC recurring grant (50% weight) and number of PhD faculty (50% weight) and each private sector University eligible for funding will get funds based formula (number of PhD faculty)
  • Head of the library will apply to their respective University/HEI on prescribed form along with requisite documents.
  • The sanctioned amount will be reimbursed to the university/HEI upon filing the audited expenditure statement of the utilized funds, duly signed by the applicant, university auditor, Director Finance/Accounts and head of institution (Rector/Vice Chancellor).
  • The universities considered for the grant will share 25% of the expenses incurred for library support and not completely rely on the grant from HEC.
  • Universities will be able to fund the following expenses for Libraries under the grant:
    • Purchase of books (Print/ Electronic)
    • Subscription of research journals/ publications (Print/ Electronic)​