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Library Support Program (LSP)

​​​​The library is one of the most important aspect of a viable higher education infrastructure. The Library Support Program of Higher Education Commission (HEC) is aimed to strengthen and up-grade the existing libraries of recognized public sector Universities/Higher Education Institutions and eligible private sector Universities/HEI's in Pakistan. Through this initiative, HEC intends to enhance the knowledge resources in the libraries at HEIs in order to provide a wide range of educational and research materials for the students and faculty and develop them into knowledge sharing centers. This program extends financial grant for purchase of library resources. The libraries may apply for funding from their academic institution and the academic institute will ultimately seek funding from HEC by applying for reimbursement.


  • Strengthen libraries in the Universities and Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) with diverse, high quality and useful research oriented knowledge resources.
  • Provide faculty and students with up-to-date information and material that enrich and support their learning needs.
  • Provide conducive learning environment to the academicians and researchers.