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Establishment of Technology and Innovation Support Centres

In collaboration with Intellectual Property Organisation (IPO) Pakistan and Ministry of Science & Technology (MoST), the HEC of Pakistan supports the establishment of Technology and Innovation Support Centres under the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) TISC programme at ORIC in higher education institutes and Government Organisations.

TISC provides the following services:

  • Access to online patent database systems and science and technology resources
  • Access to intellectual property related publications
  • Assistance in searching and retrieving technology information
  • Training on searching databases
  • On-demand searching (novelty, state-of-the-art and infringement)
  • Technology and competitor monitoring
  • Basic Information on intellectual property laws
  • Basic information on intellectual property management and strategy
  • Basic information on technology commercialisation and marketing

The Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) - preferably those that have notified ORIC and Government Organization - will ensure their contribution through making their premises, technical infrastructure and personnel available.
(Manager Intellectual Property / Legal Services appointed by ORIC).

The contributions of HEC, IPO Pakistan and WIPO include:

  • To support access to patent database systems and science and technology
  • Build technical skills for future TISC staff via training and distance learning courses
  • Information and training materials
  • Provide platforms and activities to facilitate an exchange of experiences within national networks of TISCs or between different networks​