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What is the Office of Research Innovation& Commercialization (ORIC) scope and domain?

ORIC facilitates research promotion and ensure commercialization of research by linking university with industry across Pakistan and around the world.

What is the process of ORIC notification via HEC?

If ORIC of a university is already functional, it should apply for HEC-recognition after fulfilling the minimum prerequisites. HEC's ORIC Policy 2021.

How to apply for ORIC notification?

Interested ORICs must channelize their application via online portal, i.e.,

What are the major requirements for recognition of ORIC?

The major prerequisites for recognition are:

  1. Adequate office space and infrastructure
  2. Dedicated, fulltime ORIC team, consisting of at least ORIC Head, Manager – Research Management, Manager – Innovation and Commercialization.
  3. ORIC steering committee as per composition communicated in HEC's ORIC policy.
  4. Existence of university's Ethical Institutional Review Board
  5. ORIC 5-year strategic plan

Detailed information regarding each prerequisite can be found in the HEC's ORIC policy and  ORIC Recognition Form.

Can ORIC Head be appointed on additional charge?

No. Universities must ensure that the ORIC head, as well as managers of ORIC, are appointed on a full-time basis.

Are we supposed to use the same nomenclature as outlaid in ORIC policy?

Universities are free to follow their own nomenclature for ORIC positions. However, the aura of the position should be in line with the ORIC policy and KPIs embedded therein.

What incentives do ORICs get from HEC recognition?

Upon recognition by HEC, the university becomes eligible for overhead earnings correlating to performance category secured by the university during annual ORIC evaluation. The overhead earnings range from 0% for Category Z, 5% for Category Y, 10% for Category X and 15% for Category W.

Where is the overhead earning grant utilized?

This overhead earning goes directly to the ORIC account of the concerned university, which is to be used for research-support activities and is subject to review and audit by the HEC.

Does HEC provide capacity building training and workshops for the ORIC staff?

Yes. HEC regularly organizes training programs and workshops for ORICs personnel.

How do university-industry linkages get a boost with the establishment of ORIC?

The ORICs have a mandate to channelize its research to industry through strong linkages. HEC has also facilitated this linkage through online portal, i.e. which is a dedicated platform to link different stakeholders in business and community.

Does HEC evaluate the performance of ORICs?

The HEC annually evaluates ORIC performance by using a self-assessment scorecard. The scorecard can be accessed using the following hyperlink: ORIC Self-Evaluation Scorecard.

Does HEC provide any guidance for formulation of Institutional IP Policy?

Kindly refer to HEC's 'Strengthening of IP and Commercialization Efforts of Higher Education Institutions in Pakistan', which provides a basic framework and guidelines on IP management practices for universities.​