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HEIs Ranking 2013


  • To drive the HEIs towards improved Quality & Research.
  • To promote a culture among HEIs of Pakistan for increased participation in the World Rankings 


Quality of higher education has become a primary agenda of the countries worldwide as education is one of the prerequisites of progress for any nation. HEIs are considered to be the originators of social change through the generation and dissemination of knowledge and new ideas especially in the context of globalization. 

In order to strengthen the quality of higher education in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken various initiatives to bring the HEIs of Pakistan at par with international standards. Ranking is one of the measures to scale the success of efforts of the HEIs to achieve the international competitiveness in education, research and innovation. 

Rankings have always been controversial, In spite of the difficulties associated in ranking, Higher Education Commission of Pakistan is the first one in the Islamic world that has done rankings twice, first time in 2006 and second time in 2011; however the criteria over the period amended to respond to your feedback and to make HEC's ranking more compatible with global rankings. HEC believes that this ranking system will help policy making and visibility of the Pakistani universities as well. 


Keeping in view the national context and ground realities faced by the HEIs of the country. The previous year 2010-11 ranking criteria was amended and modified as per feedback received from the HEIs of the country.

  • Explanatory Notes about Ranking List 
  • The ranking 2013 is based on the HEIs data for the year 2011-12.
  • Only HEC recognized HEIs are included in this Ranking.
  • The HEIs are ranked specifically by category/area of Specialization. 
  • Category/area of specialization is defined as per information provided by the university 
  • The sector wise sorting has not been done in the presented reports to provide equal reflection to both the Public and private sector.
  • Two (2) categories i.e. CS&IT, Arts& Design into relevant categories. Further, two institutions of the Arts & Design are placed into general category however, not comparable with other general institutions being offering only specific programmes. 
  • The ranking lists along with scores up to level I only will be available on Web link as per global ranking practices and no further scoring of sub components is would be available. 
  • General category is normalized within category and placed size wise in categories Large, Medium, and Small i.e. greater than 7000, between 3000 to 7000 and less than 3000 respectively.
  • HEC will work out if any credible third party within Pakistan would be able to do ranking next year.