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HEIs Ranking 2015


To create culture of competition among the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Encourage HEIs to compete at international level, improve quality/standards of education and use as tool for HEIs self-assessment of their performance for improvement.


Ranking provide complete picture to stakeholders like researchers, students, business community, parents, industry etc. to compare institutions according to different parameters of their need, such as Quality & Research etc. For the development and progress of any country, quality of higher education is the key factor. HEIs are considered to be the originators of change and progress of the nations. In order to strengthen the quality of higher education in Pakistan, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has taken various initiatives to bring the HEIs of Pakistan at par with international standards. Ranking is one of the measures to scale the success of efforts of the HEIs to achieve the international competitiveness in education, research and innovation.

Rankings is a debatable subject all over the world, In spite of the difficulties associated in ranking. This is the 5th ranking of Pakistani Universities being announced by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. Last four rankings for the year were announced in 2006, 2012, 2013 and 2015.


The methodologies for ranking got improved over the period of time in the light of feedback received from HEIs and making HEC's ranking more compatible with global rankings. There is no change in the ranking criteria for the current year ( 2015 ) and criteria is the same which was used for ranking 2014. Mentioned below are the major points considered for Ranking 2015 which is the 5th Ranking of Pakistani HEIs:

  • Ranking 2015 is based on the HEIs data for the year 2013-14 and research output, Ph.D produced during year 2014.
  • For category/group placement of HEI, enrolment should be equal or more than 50% in that specific discipline.
  • In case of shared research papers among number of HEIs, it has been divided by the number of HEIs sharing that particular paper.
  • Overall scores are normalized with the Maximum '100' marks.
  • Distance Learning Institutions and HEIS established after 30th June 2010 are not included in this rankings.
  • Independent ranking is being done for the following Categories (groups)
    1. Overall Top 10 HEIs of Country
    2. General
    3. Engineering & Technology
    4. Business Education
    5. Agriculture & Veterinary
    6. Medical
    7. Arts & Design​