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  • In Phase – I each year, 75 Masters and about 70 PhDs international admissions would be offered to deserving and talented students across Pakistan in Information Technology (IT)/Computer Science (CS)/Software Engineering (SE)/ Data Sciences (DS) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  • Provide top-class education and training to most competent and deserving students.
  • Minimize the gap between academia and industry demands by providing them knowledge and skill set of most relevant and in-demand global technologies
  • Produce more qualified scholars and professionals which will not only raise educational standards, but will also assist to improve the rankings of domestic universities
  • Increase the pool of skilled work force in the country enabling industry to take up technically challenging and high return projects by using the expertise of internationally trained graduates.
  • To promote Industry-Academia collaboration opportunities by providing scholarships in the areas that would be in demand in near future so that graduates can fill the gap.
  • Provide opportunity for local faculty to act as co-advisors of the candidates. It will allow them to visit state of the art labs where respective scholars are conducting research. This exposure to local faculty will help develop linkage between institutions, joint project supervision and funding.