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Advanced Skills Development Through International Scholarships

​(Project is closed for further scholarships)

A literate population with modern skills and education is essential for a vibrant economy. The aim of 'Advanced Skills Development through International Scholarships' is to educate our youth with most recent, advanced, and up-to-date hands on knowledge of AI and related technologies offered by international institutes and universities. This will not only bridge the gap between our prevailing educational level and international industry demands, but will also have a direct impact in boosting country's economy by providing fresh blood in local ICT industry.

Local industry is lacking highly qualified scholars and professionals in emerging technologies. Industry is more inclined towards hiring international professionals for several job roles like business development and intelligence managers, technical managers, and project leads.

Advanced Skills Development through International Scholarships is initiated to mitigate the gap between academic and diverse industries. The foreign based world class learning would provide access to more technical courses and degree programs that will help reduce the gap between trained resource available and industrial needs. Moreover, this project will produce better scholars and professionals for local Universities and industries which will eventually help raise the educational standards and ranking of local Universities, as well as higher earnings from services offered by industries. It will also minimize the gap between academia and industry demands by providing them knowledge and skill set of most relevant and in-demand global technologies.

Increase of skilled work force in the country enables the industry to take up technically challenging and high return projects by using the expertise of internationally trained graduates.

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