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Terms and Conditions

​Scholars are required to execute the following documents on stamp paper duly notarized by Notary public and relevant authorities like Joint/Sub Registrar, Judicial Magistrate etc. as described on each document. Notarized means that the document must be registered by the Notary Public maintained by him as Notary register and the signatures of the executant must be obtained on the register and the registration number must be mentioned along with the notarial stamp as per the specimen attached.

For MS - Legal documents.pdf

For PhD - Legal documents.pdf

HEC approved rates of Stipend for different Countries/Universities for scholars selected under tthis scheme

• United Kingdom GBP 1,015/month

• Europe:  Euro 1,000/ month approximately

• USA:      USD 1,600/month

• Canada:  USD 1,600/month

• Australia:  AUD 1,583/month

• Malaysia: USD 900/month

• China: USD 800/month

• Hong Kong:  USD 1,250/month

• South Korea: USD 900/month

• Turkey: USD 950/month approximately

• New Zealand: USD 1,083/month approximately

• Netherland: Euro 1,286/month

Any region other than the above-mentioned, stipend rate will be fixed on case to case basis.

Tuition Fee limit for Batch - I: 

USD 25000/- per year (for over and above amount, candidates are advised to get fee waivers from concerned universities.


  • The scholarships will be awarded in specific subject areas for each participating university. detail of MS & PhD scholarships will be available on HEC website 
  • Applicants are required to fill the information through online application process. The applicant can change the application till closing date of the offered scholarship.
  • The applicant shall seek admission in top 100 QS ranked university in the areas specified. 
  • All applicants will be required to take a qualifying exam and only the candidates passing this open competitive exam with a defined threshold will be eligible for subsequent interviews.
  • SMC will conduct interviews for shortlisting. The eligible candidates will be informed about interview via email.
  • Applications will be processed on the basis of online data / information provided by the applicants. In case any information is found to be untrue/ misrepresented at any stage; the application will be rejected and have to refund any financial expenditure incurred. He/She  may be blacklisted to apply for any HEC scholarship scheme
  • Awardees will have to execute a bond with HEC to serve in Pakistan for 6 and 4 years after completion of PhD and MS studies respectively. No request for waiver for the purpose of service bond will be entertained in any case
  • On completion of their MS or PhD program, all scholarship awardees will be required to return to Pakistan immediately to serve for a minimum period of four or six years respectively.
  • No request for waiver for the purpose of service bond will be entertained in any case. 
  • The candidates who abscond during or after completion of the degree, will be charged twice the expenses in foreign currency incurred by scholarship program on them.
  • The scholarship offer will expire if the selected candidate cannot secure admission in the corresponding year.