How to Apply

Eligible Applicants are required to submit theIPFP Application Form.docx ( only spiral bind copy will be accepted) along with the following documents:

 1. Detailed Résumé. 
2. List of Publications. 
3. Abstract of PhD Thesis.
4. Copy of PhD Degree.
5. Copies of Academic Degrees/Certificates.
6. Copy of National Identity Card.
7. Short Profile in Excel Sheet (Soft only), download here
8. Three reference letters (Foreign Scholars must submit at least two from international referees, including one from a PhD supervisor. Indigenous Scholars will have to submit three local reference letters, including one from PhD supervisor).

9. HEC Scholars are required to submit NOC from the concerned scholarship section, along with their IPFP application.

10. The applicants are encouraged to opt for only those universities who have available position against their PhD and are running HEC Recognized MS/M.Phil.​/PhD Programs..

11. University consent for placement , Joining report will be required on HEC prescribed format. Consent Form.pdfJoining Report IPFP.pdf

12. Every placed IPFP faculty member will be required to submit Feed back form

Feedback Report IPFP Faculty Member.pdf before 15 days completion of tenure

and from university the 'Completion Report' perform on completion of IPFP tenure

Completion Report IPFP.pdf

Please read "Current Status" & "IPFP Place​m​ent Cell" on right navigation of "Important links" before selection of university for placement. Further, HEC will prefer to place the applicants at newly established/ far behind areas HEC recognized universities for placement.

All Applicants HEC/Non HEC Scholars are required to provide HEC Attested PhD degree /HEC Equivalence Certificate for further process in any case.

Important Notes: 

  • HEC can forward the placement request of the applicant to universities where their services (need of discipline /subject) are required other than the applicant opted universities.
  • All documents must be in proper binding (ring/spiral/other) and TAGGED in the order mentioned above. Please also submit the scanned copy of your application along with related documents in single PDF/Word file of maximum 10 to 15 MB size, through email.
  • The process of application will be initiated after receipt of hard copy of application. PhD degree, HEC attested or equivalence certificate issued by HEC, Acceptance letter from university, job joining letter will be required to be forwarded via postal mail only. No scanned copy will be entertained.
  • It is important to mention that HEC will analysis the need of discipline/subject as per university requirement before placing them at IPFP.
  • HEC will not support in getting placement at university. HEC will forward the application to the universities opted by the applicants, further follow-ups with university is responsibility of the applicant. HEC may not be approached in this regard.
  • HEC will issue offer letter after receiving acceptance from concerned university issued on receipt of PhD degree HEC attested/equivalence certificate.
  • Entire process take certain period of time after submission of application. Your concerns are important for us but it is important that please do not send un-necessary emails/person visit for updates. Please read activity plan for the process with schedules.
  • Please carefully read the information available on website, only those queries will be replied for which information is not available at our webpage. Your cooperation is appreciated in this regard.
  • In case of visit if it is unavoidable, please visit between 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. of five working days only. PMU is meant to support the faculty members but meanwhile it is requested to please do not take more than five minutes during personal visit. This kind of act will support in smooth functioning of the processes.
  • PMU can not entertain the request for the use of official equipment specially laptop/computer on personal visit of applicant, therefore,  do not insist in this regard.
  • In case of any misrepresentation found in documents/information, HEC will take stern actions including legal action as well in this regard.
  • It is encouraged to provide your feedback or further process improvements/ suggestions please.