Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Program

IPFP Applicants Alert:

Placement under IPFP has been halted temporarily due to formulation of new policy. Therefore, all fresh PhDs now will apply through ePortal for their placement. Criteria for applying and ePortal will be available on HEC website shortly after notification of new policy-IPFP (Phase-II). The candidates those applied earlier in accordance with old policy, will have to apply again as per Criteria​​ of IPFP (Phase-II).

Welcoming Fresh PhD Scholars to pursue on an Energetic Career in Academics & Research

The HEC Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs Program underlies a two-pronged approach. Primarily it provides lucrative avenues of employment to fresh PhD professionals and, in turn, develops faculty of public and private sector universities/DAIs to ensure quality teaching and research, which is one of the core strategic aims of HEC. 

IPFP provides all Pakistani fresh PhD graduates an opportunity to be placed as Assistant Professor on a tenure track system based Assistant Professor Position for a maximum period of one year.


Excel as an Assistant Professor in HEC recognised public/private sector universities of Pakistan/AJK, while earning competitive compensation packages. A list of HEC recognised public sector universities and their constituent institutes can be found at

HEC will pay complete salary funds in case of public sector universities, while 50% funds will be shared by HEC in case of private sector listed universities.

Work in a research-conducive environment supported by faculty offices furnished with physical and technological facilities such as computer & DSL.



Revision of Salary for IPFP Faculty

The HEC Competent Authority has approved the revised pay of Assistant Professor placed under Interim Placement of Fresh PhDs (IPFP) w.e.f 01.07.2016 @ Rs. 130.000.

Circular for IPFP Salary Revision.pdf


Important Note

For IPFP Applicants

  • It is expected that the applicant will provide the true information. In case of any misrepresentation found during the process or joining period or after at university, HEC reserve the right to cancel the offer letter and process the case for recovery of released salary amount.
  • HEC will issue the placement request to universities after receiving PhD degree HEC attested /equivalence certificate/ Provisional Certificate. Soft or scanned copy is not acceptable. It is required to submit attested hard copy of PhD degree/equivalence certificate. In case of any violation found, a stern action will be taken in this regard.
  • HEC will process the cases for placement at universities as per options opted /stated by the applicant. It is not appreciated that applicant change the university after making process at HEC specially after receiving consent /acceptance from university, issuance of offer letter by HEC. In such case a solid written justification will be required including remarks of already placed university. However, under such circumstances, case need to be process after getting approval from authorities if they agreed.
  • It is expected that IPFP faculty members will serve as per their full commitment and capacity. They should be obliged and try to accommodate their selves as per university rules and regulations.
  • HEC Reserve the right to cancel the offer letter in case of any misrepresentation found without any liability on the part of HEC.

For Universities

  • Universities will accept the placement request on merit without any favouritism and keeping in view the availability of post against the placement request.
  • Universities will provide the opportunity of absorption as faculty members during the IPFP tenure.
  • Universities will provide the proper space/sitting place, research facilities and opportunities of learning to appointed IPFP faculty.
  • The focal persons must keep the record of IPFP faculty.
  • Performance of the IPFP faculty members during the tenure period of one year should be submitted to HEC.
  • The services of IPFP faculty should be utilized fairly.
  • In case of any mismanagement on the part of university can lead to take action as per policy including restricting further placement.
  • Any suggestion for improvement is encouraged in this regard.