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Faculty is the heart and soul of the university and only with a well-qualified faculty will it be possible to have meaningful development in this sector. Qualified faculty is globally recognized as the key of success in learning institutions because they plays important role in promoting “CHANGE" and lead and to prepare others to lead.

Investing in “Human Capital" is one of the most important values of any society and one of the most effective means to promote democratic understanding and social justice. In order to cultivate a set of leaders, it is necessary that the path to leadership be visibly open to talented and qualified individuals of every race and ethnicity.

  • To enhance the education level and encourage our young talent so that they can contribute in nation building with their technical and professional knowledge.
  • To promote activities to enhance the quality of learning and teaching across the sector and assists institutions in identifying and fostering excellence.
  • To enhance the research and development activities in Universities /Degree Awarding Institutions (DAIs) in Pakistan by providing funds to the Universities for upgrading their research facilities particularly small laboratory equipment, chemicals, IT equipment etc. which will not only facilitates research of the HEC scholar but also serves as an asset for the department to establish up to date research laboratories to meet the international standards.
  • To addressed the funds constraints in all income level groups of Pakistan by providing the opportunities to enthusiastic researchers to enhanced / refined tuning of their expertise and capabilities with educational support.
  • To develop a research sector that is dynamic, and has the capacity to respond flexibly to a changing research environment and which will address the issues of entire sectors of Pakistan.
  • To develop professional and technical sound manpower to supplement the need of the Industrial growth that is considered to be a back bone of the economy.
  • To develop a manpower who can serve in industry, R&D, agriculture and defense related organizations.
  • To facilitate enhancement of enrollment in Post-graduate programs.