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RAPID Research Grant

​The RAPID Research Grant will support multidimensional research projects of strategic importance related to the above-mentioned priority themes.  The present call is for research proposals that have the potential to contribute to the understanding of coronaviruses, including the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), in order to improve the clinical management or public health response. Projects should include relevant and cutting-edge research activities and should ensure WHO alignment. Research conducted in RRG projects must address specific challenges associated with the targeted priority theme and must clearly demonstrate a solution or significant progress in addressing a grand challenge.

Budgets for RRG awards will be up to a maximum of Rs. 15 million (USD 100 000), with a maximum project duration of 12 months. Principal Investigators are encouraged to seek co- and complementary financing from other sources. 
Rapid Research Grant Proposals must be designed to include milestones and key performance indicators that should (ideally) begin providing valuable information and advice right from the start of the project and not wait for all the results at the tail end of the proposed project. To the extent possible, the project must also be designed in a manner that research teams can begin working right away rather than waiting for lengthy procurement or hiring. Those projects that have a steady stream of high-value immediate outputs and outcomes will be preferred. The Project Steering Committee may review progress on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis.
Funding Details
RRG funding may be used for:
  • Salaries for PI and co-PIs based on the amount of time spent on the project
  • Stipends for bachelors, masters, doctoral students and postdoctoral scholars to conduct the research proposed
  • The purchase and maintenance of appropriate approved equipment to conduct the research proposed
  • The purchase of research supplies necessary to conduct the research proposed
  • Limited research and development costs
  • Patent filing
  • Grants to attract visiting researchers from outside Pakistan to conduct research that contributes to the grant objectives. These visiting researchers can be either expatriate Pakistani scientists or foreign scientists.
A component of the grant will be earmarked for the problem solving (i.e., it will be released only if there is demonstrable evidence of success in solving the chosen problem).
Eligibility Criteria
Lead Principal Investigators (PIs) must:
  • Be university faculty member (PhD or FCPS/MCPS/FRCS) from medical institute or research-intensive institution as specified for GCF-2020 call (The VC/Rector shall ensure that max. two exceptional proposals per HEI will be submitted)
  • Project Team may include:
  • A consortia of faculty members from multiple university departments and/or multiple universities
  • Private sector participants, particularly when they bring prior IP or capability to the consortium and/or significant deployment, implementation, or scale up capability
  • International partners
  • International collaborations are encouraged:
  • When the international partner brings a unique added value to the project team